18th Madrasah As-Soabereen Annual Family Camp 2017

17 – 19 March 2017

18 – 20 Jamadilakhir 1438

The 18th Madrasah As-Soabereen Annual Family Camp 2017 was held at Masjid An-Nahdhah, with more than 500 attendees from both the Bishan and Yishun branches. The camp served as an excellent opportunity to re-establish bonds with students and Ustazahs from both branches.

The main objectives of the camp were:

  • Experience I’tikaaf in Masjid;
  • Pray the fardh prayers as a Jema’ath
  • Pray Tasbih Nafil, Luha & Ishraaq
  • Read the Al-Quran
  • Get to know one another
  • Appreciate every ni’math that they have been blessed with
  • Strengthen relationships with their peers
  • Instill good character
  • Increase bonds within family

Beyond achieving these objectives, levels from both branches (Bishan and Yishun) also achieved their level specific aims via various activities, during the 3 days of activity-filled camp.

The level highlights are as follows:


Bishan Level 4

The theme for this year’s Pre-School camp was “Go Green”. The objective of the camp was to get children to appreciate the presence of greenery in Singapore and have lots of fun. At
Jacob Ballas, the children learned the process of photosynthesis through an interactive exhibition. This activity was followed by a colouring activity that reinforced their sensorial experience. During the Nature Walk, some children explored the Hedge Maze and then sat by the lake to play a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose”, while others watched a swan move around their shelter. After the excursion, the children started the “Growing Beans” activity. On the last day of the camp, they were amazed to see the sprouts shoot out.


Yishun Level 3

The aim of this year’s camp for IMSSA’s Roaring Talents was to forge stronger ties with Ustazahs and to indulge in the lifestyle of a true believer of Islam as much as possible. On the first day, a trip was made to the Navy Museum where the students learnt about the importance of defence. The next stop was the Esplanade. The students learnt more about the arts scene in Singapore. Post-returning to Masjid An-Nahdhah, a storytelling session on Yunus (A.S.) was conducted, as storytelling is also a form of art. On the second day, IMSSA’s Roaring Talents had activities like Arabic Calligraphy, Cupcake-Frosting, Amazing Race, Snake & Ladder, Numbers in Arabic Game and Sandwich-Making. Through these numerous activities, students connected with their friends and also reinforced many Islamic concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

As for the Lower Secondary students, they had a wonderful chance to spend a recreational Friday at Sentosa. The scenery was ideal to craft poems. Hence, the students were offered an opportunity to develop their poem writing skills by being encouraged to draw inspiration from nature and write poems. Different students wrote on different things. It was truly an incredible experiential expression that went deep. One of the poems that a student wrote was on friendship.

‘What is FRIENDSHIP to you?

Something that lasts a lifetime?

Completely unfazed by hate and jealousy?’

(An extract of the poem)

This activity was aimed to raise awareness that the things around us are in need of greater observation and that each observation can educate us. These forms of education, when put together over the years, will lead us towards Allah; as everything in this universe returns to its creator.

On the last day, the whole level did a frame-making activity, where they were given individual photos to frame up. The frame was a camp souvenir for all of them.





Bishan Level 3

One of the aims of this year’s camp for IMSSA Kids was to learn about Halal shopping. On the second day of the camp, both the lower primary and upper secondary students embarked on a journey to learn more about halal food. The concept of “what is halal and what is not” was explained to the students  prior to a trip to the supermarket for real life application.

For the upper secondary level, they were split in groups and given a list of daily food products that they were required to identify as halal or not. The “Halal Hunt!” activity seemed to have surprised our students as they discovered that what they assumed halal, was in fact, not. The younger students were tasked to look for halal food products within a specified budget. Both groups later used the products that they bought during the  “Halal Hunt!” activity for their tea break, to conclude the activity.

The primary objective of the “Halal Hunt!” was to introduce and explain to the students, the importance of being aware of what we consume. It was to highlight to them that packaging can be deceiving for certain products and that assumptions should not be made. For the Upper Secondary level, a higher level of the significance of Halal was introduced with a key message that ‘Halal is a lifestyle’ and not something we simply use to classify our food.


Yishun Level 2

Yishun Girls Hub focused on a healthy lifestyle during this year’s camp. On the second day of the camp, “Do-it-Yourself Snack” activity presented the students with an opportunity to put together, decorate, and construct aesthetically-pleasing and delicious snacks. Some even prepared simple dishes. This was their time to let their creativity let loose and it was certainly a hit among the children.

Our P4 girls busied themselves with the waffles. While one student was making it, the other children decorated the piping hot waffles with Nutella, fruits and ice-cream. Concurrently, the P5 girls made delicious and nutritious chicken wraps with pre-cooked nuggets and grilled tortillas; garnished with some freshly cut vegetables and 3 different types of sauces. The spread was simply a feast for the senses! Yoghurt parfait, a very unique snack, was also prepared. It had layers of yoghurt, nuts, chocolate chips, fresh fruits and a surprise layer of cereal put together by the P6 girls! Everyone loved it and it was extremely easy to make as well. Mocktails and sandwiches were among the other items that were made too.

All the break dishes that emphasised the need for a healthy lifestyle, taught the children the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in their daily lives via an innovative way. The kids not only ate what they prepared on their own, but also shared the dishes with their fellow peers and Ustazahs from other classes.




Bishun Level 2

IMSSA Juniors focused on experiential learning as a Jema’ath, to gain the best benefits. To commence the camp on a fun note, IMSSA Juniors went to Sembawang Park to spend their Friday energetically, through inter-class games. These fun-filled activities further strengthened the bonds amongst all.

On the second day of camp, a Janazah Exhibition was organized for IMSSA Juniors. There were 5 stages in this : Al-Ghusl (washing and bathing), Al-Kafan (Shrouding), Eulogy about the deceased prior to Janazah Prayers, Janazah Prayers and Al-Dafin (Burial).

There was also a Muslimah Runway: Modesty Exhibition, for P6 Girls to Tertiary classes. The students were given different scenarios, for which they had to dress up accordingly, eg: dress up for occasions such as weddings and going out with friends. The students chose outfits, shawls and accessories from a wide collection. To conclude the session, awrah issues and concerns regarding teenagers’ dressing were addressed.

Interactive scenarios-based Puberty Awareness session wrapped up the camp for the P4 and P5 Girls. The girls were educated on identifying the initial stage of puberty till the final stage, and were educated on handling each of the possible scenarios.

Last but not least, as with past years, mass gathering and afternoon lunch concluded the camp for all. We truly appreciate the support offered by parents, Ustazahs and students during this year’s camp, making it a resounding success!


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