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28th January 2017

Last Saturday (28/01/2017), IMSSA ladies joined hands to  organise the Annual We the Khalifas. The theme for this year’s We the Khalifahs was ‘celebrating the florets of IMSSA’. “A flower never competes with the flower next to it. It just blooms”.   The objective of the event was to celebrate the talents and appreciate the commitment and dedication of our IMSSA volunteers a.k.a IMSSA’S Florets.

At 7 am, all the organisers gathered in the auditorium and started their preparation for the events. Like an army of ants, all volunteers hurriedly started decorating the auditorium. While, outside the auditorium, the food team were busy setting up the breakfast table. It was certainly a sight to watch.

At 9 am, the door to the auditorium at Masjid Darul Makmur opened to eagerly welcome our IMSSA volunteers. The event started with a hearty breakfast of hotcakes with maple syrup, tortillas, sandwiches and the list goes on.


With that the emcees for the day officially started off our event with Qira’ath recitation and duas. Following that, we had a presenter from each level presenting on various topics. The topics discussed in depth during the event were topics which hit home. The topics conducted by various presenters touched many issues which are relevant and of utmost importance in guiding our volunteers and also in teaching them essential teaching skills.

Ms Jamilah & Ms Rafidah presented on ‘Women in Islam’. They talked about the 4 females who were promised jannah- Fathima (R.A) , Kathija (R.A), Asiya (A.S), Mariyam (A.S). They explained the characteristics of th
ese women and what made them to be the women of jannah. They further went on to talk about the 21st century women. They highlighted the differences in dressing and modesty then and now. They also raised awareness of the increased usage of social media platforms among the muslim women over the years and how they can protect/ prevent themselves from spreading the wrong messages in these platforms.

Up next was Ms Hairun Nisha and Ms Reehana, who presented on ‘Fostering Ustazahs’. We all know Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as a teacher but have we thought of how we are related to him? Have we ever realized what we have been doing and where we stand as a Ustazah? These we
re some of the questions raised and answered during their presentation.


Following that, we had Mdm Sofia and Mdm Yasmin presenting on ‘Fostering Ustazahs’. Their presentation focused on the responsibilities of ustazahs & guidelines on how they should be, as a respresentative of our madrasah & Islam. Right after them, Mdm Ayesha Jamaldeen presented on the ‘Art of storytelling.’ She elaborated on how to use story telling in an engaged manner to teach akhlaq. She engaged the audience by sharing with then strategies, tips and resources on how to make storytelling session interactive and interesting for the kids. Last but not least, Ms Aneesah presented on the “Psychology of Learning, Reward & Punishment”. Is morality innate or learned? How should we punish wrong behaviour and reward good ones? Such questions were answered through empirical evidences.

Following the speeches we also had many bonding games to bring together our volunteers closer together. Because in IMSSA, we believe “strength lies in unity”. Some of the games played were ‘Scavenger Hunt’ and ‘Great Minds Thunk Alike’.

To end off the first segment of the event, it was time for lunch! The lunch was certainly scrumptious. A wide variety of food and desserts awaited to greet our volunteers. The menu consisted of laksa, naan & butter chicken, tiramisu, cupcakes and any more. Our volunteers certainly had a great time in not only tasing the food but also in catching up with their friends and peers.

Shortly after the delicious lunch the second segment of the event began. Prize presentation and appreciation gifts were given out. To close off the entire event, we had speeches from Mdm Nisha, the first organiser of We the Khalifahs, Year in reviews by both Mdm Shareefah and Mdm Aysha Gany. The ustazahs talked about the history of IMSSA, benefits and it’s progress thus far with overwhelming emotions.

Soon it was time to say bye to everyone and to close off the event officially. We then had our Hazrath, the guide to all our IMSSA’s Khalifahs to say a few words. With that the event came to an end. Even though it was the end of the event, we will always appreciate our dedicated and committed volunteers who selflessly serve others. As said in the quran , ” Indeed, the greatest amongst mankind, is those who learn and teach the quran to others. “


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