Bishan Home Fiesta

April 27 2017

Befriending Session

Following our visits to the Bishan home for the Intellectually disabled on December 2016, Our ladies from both Bishan and Yishun Madrasah visited  Bishan home to bring smile and spread happiness to the residents of the home.

Prior to the visit group of girls have planned activities to engage the residence both physically and mentally to promote with the theme “Animal”. The activities all were related to animals:  Balloon  Caterpillar, Feed the Monkey, Hit the animal and fruity yogurt.

Games Time

A total of 25 ladies proactively volunteered to help the intellectually disabled residents. These ladies, were cheerfully befriending while playing games and activities with residents of Bishan Home.

We were welcomed by the excited, lovely and cheerful residents with wide simile and handshakes. Their excitement set-up the mode of Visit , which drive the ladies to easily befriend the residents. We first paired each and every one of us with the residence and had a small talk with them to know more about themselves. After that, we lead the residents to make their own delicious healthy fruity yogurt. Next up, the residents actively walked around the hall to play each of game booths which was specially prepared for them. Lastly, the residents and the ladies played “pass the balloon” to end of the visit.

Good Memories

Alhamdulilah! Not only the residents of the Bishan home enjoyed our visit but our ladies also had a lot of take back from the visit to the home. For many it was an eye opener being first timer to such visit. Moreover, at the end of the day, there was sense of fulfilment on our ladies face, knowing that they have made a small impact on the community and encouraged to do more of this activities in the future.

In Sha Allah, We hope have more activities to serve the community.


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