The Battle of Faith Hub 2017

21st May 2017

The Battle of Faith Hub(Ramadan Roadshow) was organized  to create awareness about Ramadan and Islam to students in Madrasah ranging from the young  to adult  learners.

Our Battle of Faith Hub Offered awareness of Islam by different the set up of educational booth.

Theme: Treat Ramadan like you would any dignitary visiting you. Prepare for it so that you could reap all the blessings that it brings”








The booth consists of the provision of knowledge which is

  1. Did I leave a trail of kindness or scar of discontentment?
  2. Reaping my Rewards
  3. My Aspirations,My Pledge
  4. Eating the Right Way
  5. Our Ramadan Gift
  6. The First Call
  7. Who Am I? Have you forgotten me?
  8. Mind Blowing Truth!
  9. Little Hearts Ramadan
  10. Smile! Its Sunnah!
  11. Pearls of the Quran
  12. The Month of Mercy
  13. Mirror Mirror on the Wall
  14. Imssa Iftar 2017



Our Battle Faith Hub  presented a memorable gift,prayer mat to ALL 480 madrasah students by our generous sponsor

May Allah swt reward all those who worked hard to make this event a success




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