52nd National Day Celebration 2017 (Bishan)

06 August 2017
13 Dhul-Kai’dah 1438


Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan) organized its annual National Day Observance Ceremony on 6 August 2017, Sunday from 2.00p.m. to 6.30p.m. This event was organised to commemorate Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in the year 1965. Both students and Ustazahs joined in the celebration of Singapore’s 52 years of independence.



The main objective of this event was for all Singaporeans to reflect on and feel proud of the nation’s achievements. This country we proudly call “Home” is where everyone identifies with each other and considers ourselves “one people”, building up a collective experience and memory of events that have special relevance only to us as Singaporeans. This event also played a small role in helping to build a cohesive society and recognize those who have contributed to Singapore’s nation-building efforts.



This year, we took a different approach in highlighting Singapore’s uniqueness by bringing back fond memories of the past through our “Singapura Special” segment.



After our students completed their Qur’an recitation and memorization, they got the chance to go old school by playing games such as “Pick-up Sticks”, “5 Stones” and many more! These are games that the millennial generation may never have tried before hence it was a new and refreshing experience for them which they thoroughly enjoyed.




Following that, students of each class joined hands to frost a message for Singapore on a chiffon pandan cake for her 52nd birthday. The cake designs were not only unique and appealing, they were also very delicious to eat!




And finally, to end off our “Singapura Special” segment, Singaporeans’ favorite childhood snacks were also given out by our amazing Ustazahs who cooed for everyone with a bell just like it was done in those days. Some of the yummy treats were ice-cream, Keropok, Kacang Puteh and our very own Singapore drink, “Bandung”.




Meanwhile, Kindergarten@Bishan showed their patriotism by making Singapore flag in a fun way. The students made ‘Star and Crescent’ Sprinkled Nutella Bread. Each student was given 5 stars and a crescent shaped bread that represented the Singapore flag. Ustazahs demonstrated the activity in large group. Following the observation, students spread the Nutella on the shapes and sprinkled beautiful sprinklers on them. After tasting their own creation, they became very excited to share it with the Primary Level students.




However, the fun didn’t end there because following Asar prayers, there was mass gathering in Level 1 of Masjid An-Nahdhah. With the area wonderfully decorated by our Ustazs that facilitated in setting the mood, the presentation started off with a video on a dynamic defense display; which featured our Home Team officers. Due to their hard work and determination, Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world today and Singaporeans can go about our daily lives in peace and security, free from worry.


Hence, this special group definitely deserved recognition for their efforts on this special day. And without any doubt, which National Day is complete without singing our National Day songs like “Because, it’s Singapore!”, “My Island Home”, “Reach Out for the Skies” and many more?! Never will we able to see a more energetic group than our little juniors singing these songs with pride and joy. After which, we all sang the National Anthem, recited the Singapore Pledge and ended everything off with a cake cutting ceremony.


Do you know who were the special guests who cut the cake?

Well, of course it’s our preschool students, or actually the future leaders of Singapore who were called upon by our Chairman Shareefa Ustazah!


Everyone left the National Day celebration with a sense of appreciation and pride that we live in a harmonious and progressive country. The ‘Singapore Spirit’ is not just about success but also a sense of unity.


This National Day, let’s heed the call of “Majulah Singapura” and press onward as one for the progress of Singapore, and a bright future for all Singaporeans!


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