A day as an “Aquaholic”!

03 December 2017
14 Rabi’ul Awwal 1439


The 3rd of December marked the first official holiday of 2017 for Madrasah As-Soabereen. To mark the end of the fulfilling year meaningfully for our Ustazahs, the Yishun Girls’ Youth Leaders Wing (YLW) organized an ‘Aquaholic’ day out under the sun, at East Coast Park between 10am to 5pm, to have some fun!



A day meant to unwind and get to know more about fellow Ustazahs had many team-building activities planned out. To make the day at East Coast Park as memorable as possible, games such as Broken Telephone, Follow the Leader and Captain’s Ball were played.



A scrumptious array of food was also prepared with love by our very own Youth Leaders that covered dishes and drink from breakfast to tea-break. Alhamdulillah, the welfare of the Ustazahs was well-taken care of.



Eager to play, the Ustazahs commenced the day with a slower paced game; Broken Telephone. The game helped to reinforce the importance of proper communication. Through the several rounds of the game, the Ustazahs learnt how a simple one-word message could be transmitted differently via the tones and body language used; that could result in others perceiving otherwise.



As the Ustazahs were gradually warming up, they played the second game of the day; Follow the Leader. The very first person had to wait for their team-mates to follow the instructions and get through to the finish line in time. This game emphasised on the importance of a leader in every situation; as every step is crucial and the each of the leader’s team-mates are her support. Hence, it is vital to keep them in mind when decisions are being made, and vice versa.



Captain’s Ball was the highlight of the day, alongside the amazing food selections. Playing Captains Ball is a norm in every team-building gathering. Consecutive rounds of rigorous matches kept the adrenaline pumping for the Ustazahs. The close scores kept them continuing to the subsequent rounds.


Can an outing to the park by the beach be complete without a having a splash? The Ustazahs dipped the ankles and felt refreshed. Besides that, a stroll by the shore brought serenity to them.



Alhamdulillah, the outing was complete with enjoyment and meaning to it. InshaAllah, our next YLW outing is coming very soon.



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