Annual Bowling Fiesta

11 November 2017
22  Safar 1439




To celebrate the end of exams at  both madrasah and school for both Primary and Secondary levels, and to welcome the commencement of school holidays, the Bishan Boys were eagerly awaiting for their class outing. The Ustazs and Ustazahs organised a Bowling session to treat the boys for an enjoyable day at  the bowling Alley at Yishun Safra. 




It was time for students to showcase their strength in carrying the heavybowling balls and precision skills in rolling it right down the bowling alley. As most of them were new to the sport, they had an enriching opportunity as they got close with their peers and volunteers via learning of the sport.



To top it off, the boys are bound to feel hungry as they continue to bowl. The Ustazahs and Ustazs ropped  in the volunteers to provide specially prepared quick bites by them to satiate the hunger of the young ones. 

Alhamdulillah it was a great event indeed.


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