Annual Fiesta – Celebrating the Noor of Our Future

This year’s annual day event’s theme was ‘Celebrating Our Noor’. Other than congratulating students who have accomplished a milestone, it is also to celebrate together as one, to be happy for each other’s achievement. This year’s event was special as it included all the way from kindergarten children to the parents class. The ‘Annual Fiesta’ Carnival took place as well.

There were game booths and food booths the parents and children could take part in by purchasing a ticket. Game booths included ‘Islamic IQ Challenge’, ‘Who Is It?’ and many more. Food stalls included throwback childhood snacks and Ready Made food. There was a photo booth for parents to take a Polaroid picture with their child and for students to take with their friends. The turnout was overwhelming and everyone enjoyed playing the games and trying out their favourite snacks.    

Apart from the carnival, the prize giving ceremony took place smoothly. Children and parents were recognized for their individual achievements. It definitely gave the children and parents a sense of accomplishment when their name was called for them to come up on to the stage. Prizes included Class award for Best in Akhlaaq, Best attendance and Best improvement. Furthermore, there were awards for Quran memorisations which are Quran achievers, Yaseen and Juzz memorisations. It was heart-warming to see small children going up on stage to get trophies for Juzz memorisations. Not forgetting the parents who received prizes for their memorisations as well. This shows that there is no age limit for anyone to memorise the verses of the Holy Quran. We just need the dedication, perseverance and the trust in Allah (s.w.t) to help guide us.

Apart from prize giving, there were skits being performed by Primary 4 and 5 children to show the different important values for everyone to incorporate in their daily lives and a small sharing session from our Sec 1 & 2 girls about their experience in Madrasah this year. The Preschoolers put up a nice nasheed performance for the audience.  

In addition, the K2 graduation took place. Graduation is key as it is a stage to go into the real education world, where they start growing into young, mature children. It definitely brought joy to the 6 year olds’ to hear their name being called.  

Overall, the entire ‘Celebrating Our Noor’ was a success. It was a full house and parents were pleased with the hospitality and of course, to see their child getting on stage to receive their prizes. The pride and happiness of a parent for their child is priceless.  

Lastly, on behalf of the team, we would like to thank all the sponsors, helpers and parents for attending and helping in making this event a success. It would not have been possible without everyone’s part. 


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