Aspire to Inspire

11th February 2017 Our boys visited the Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled.

  •  “Aspire to Inspire”. We didn’t just want to bring out the smiles and laughter but also colors to our Bishan Home residents.

This visit we wanted to do an art activity with our residents by coming up greeting cards. Our boys had to prepare some stencils as a design of a heart shape for the greeting cards. Since this involved some cutting of drawing blocks, we didn’t want our residents to get hurt.

Since this was the 2nd visit the boys were not shy to approach our Residents at all. This indeed brighten up our Bishan Home resident’s faces. They became very excited and enthusiastic to join us. The boys were even able to persuade those quiet and shy residents by conversing with them in little Chinese language they knew.

We sat with them and started to do finger painting with the stencils we prepared on the cards. Boys guided them by holding on to their finger and assisting them. Some were quick and were able pick up fast. Whereas some were still waiting for our boys to show them till they complete their cards.

Through this trip the residents taught the boys to fortify their values of being more appreciative of the things around them. Finger painting may seem like a simple task for anyone but even with that as a challenge, we were amazed to see our residents on how determined they were to complete their tasks.

Alhamdulillah our boys felt motivated by looking at their determination. Let’s not give up on ourselves that easily for any challenges we face!!


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