Boys Iftar Cum Taraweh Prayers 2017

30th May 2017

2nd  6th 9th 13th 16th  and 22nd  June 2017 Our Blessed Ramadan 2017  had given our boys extraordinary experience.




Ramadan is the best month to train our boys and teach them how to overcome the desires of his body and develop his ability to shoulder responsibility.

One of the responsibility they learn to shoulder is to perform and lead prayers(IMAM) in parents house who graciously host their house for ifthar and taraweh for kids.

Subuhanallah It was a wonderful sight to see the little hearts performing prayers

The Ustads were immensely guiding the little hearts to

  • Mu’azzin(Say Azan)
  • Imam(Lead prayers)
  • Give Khutbah(Sermon)

The Ustads got them excited about worship of prayers;talk about the themes/meanings that will be read at taraweeh before heading out.and also shared  about the reward of taraweeh. The Ustads and kids were given opportunity to preach about the significance of Ramadan to everyone during their break

The boys parents whom hosted their houses for ifthar and taraweh enjoyed preparing for the kids sumptuous meal for ifthar.Alhamdulilla!


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