Children’s Day 2017

01 October 2017
10 Muharram 1439


On 1st October 2017, Children’s Day celebrations were held at Masjid An-Nahdhah. The celebration was an opportunity for the students to enjoy themselves and to take a quick break from their usual curriculum. It also served as s a platform for the students to bond with their peers and for the ustazahs to get to know one another better.


IMSSA Juniors (Level 2)

The celebration consisted of the distribution of children’s day gifts and various exciting and fun-filled games specially planned for the students!

The gifts were prepared by the respective ustazahs who generously volunteered their time, resources and efforts to select the best gifts for their students. This highlights the care and concern the ustazahs have for their students and how they value each and every one of them. Adding to the gifts, the class usztazahs wrote personal messages for each of their students to forge a personal bond with them.

The Next segment was the most exciting one as there were series of games aligned for the students. The goal was not only to strengthen teamwork among each class but also to promote the level spirit. Students in each classes were separated in to 3 clans; Soliheen, Muhsineen and Abroor. Scoresheets were given to record the scores obtained for each station for each clan. They will be then used to collate the marks obtained across the 4 classes, to decide the champion clan.

There were 4 game stations; Egg and Spoon race, Dog and Bone, M&M and Charades.
Egg and Spoon Race:
One of the team members is blindfolded. A maze is created using tables and chairs. With the help of the team members, the blindfolded student has to finish the obstacle course while balancing the egg!

Dog and Bone:
The students are divided into 2 teams. A ball is placed in the middle of the two teams. Upon receiving instructions from the game master, a member from each team has to come forward to take the ball. It sounds easy but there are difficulties that make this game a challenging one!

Each team is given 1 minute to transfer M&M chocolates to another plate using chopsticks. Every player in the group has to transfer the M&Ms. The winning team is the team that collects the most M&Ms!


The students have to act out what the game masters asked them to do. The actions are about Prophets and Islamic actions. Speaking or mouthing the word is not allowed. With the time limit of 1 minute, a representative from each group has to act out the actions and the group members have to guess as many words as possible! 

Charades by Primary 5 Girls

At the end of the celebration, prizes were given to the champion clan of IMSSA JUNIORS. The event ended off with a sharing session of values and learning points that were observed during the games.


IMSSA Kids (Level 3)
Children’s Day with IMSSAKIDS was special this year, with even the parents class joining in the fun. They generously provided food and snacks for the entire level’s break time. Nutella sandwiches, samosas, flavoured jelly, donuts, and nuggets were just some of the items on the menu for the day.

To celebrate the occasion, the kids came dressed in their colourful outfits. They had their usual Qur’an and Iqra’ classes before Asar and the fun really began from 3.15pm onwards. The students really enjoyed themselves suring the break that had a variety of healthy spread for break that some went for second servings.


Post Asar prayers, the kids were in for even more fun. Everyone gathered in the MPH for a mini briefing. Before further instructions were given, they were treated to a special video montage prepared by the level Ustazahs. In this video, the class Ustazahs have a special Children’s day message dedicated to their respective students. After this short presentation, everyone got to sing ‘Semoga Bahagia’ together. Right before 5pm, the entire level was divided into 4 separate groups, given instructions and sent to the various game/activity stations.

Children’s Day Tribute


Station 1: Captain’s Ball
Everyone worked up a sweat for this. We utilized the basement so the kids could have more space to run around. Despite it being tiring, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Station 2: Fruit Kebabs
To incorporate some element of healthy eating, and to cool down from the rigorous Captain’s Ball game prior. They had a selection of fruits to choose from – tangerines, grapes, pears, apples – and they assembled the kebabs themselves (with supervision of course).

Station 3: DIY Tasbih bracelet 
As a take-home craft activity that would be useful for the children. The Ustazahs explained the rationale behind the activity and the purpose behind having Tasbih beads.

Station 4: Relay Game 
Few sections with common games including human tangle. Mainly just to have another purely fun activity for them. They really got involved and even started cheering their peers on. A bit of friendly competition is always good!

To be honest, the slightly more than an hour of fun and games did not seem like enough time for everyone involved, but we managed to wrap things up in the nick of time. To end things on a high note, everyone got a goodie bag each – prepared by the Ustazahs and parents – right before dismissal.

All in all, it was a fun, tiring, but ultimately fulfilling day for IMSSA KIDS. We hope to continually improve as a level and insya’allah, to more such successes.


Kindergarten @ IMSSA (Level 4)
Children’s Day was celebrated by KINDERGARTEN@IMSSA with enthusiasm. The classroom was beautifully decorated with balloons and filled with Children’s Day gifts waiting to be received by the little ones. The children were dressed up in a variety of traditional attires. The celebration began right after our normal Iqra’ lessons. It was followed by two sports activities specially prepared for the K1 and K2 students. One group of children competed in the Hula-Hoop challenge while the other group did the “Balance the Ball” challenge. The winning teams received a token of appreciation from the level head.


The kids enjoyed a quick bite of london roll’  right before Asar prayers. After getting the classroom ready for the Children’s Day Party, the Ustazahs eagerly waited to welcome the children after their prayer. Beautiful picnic mats were laid and delicious food was displayed for the children to enjoy their special day. They used satay sticks to make their own food kebabs and ate heartily. After the feast, they joined the cake- cutting ceremony which was specially prepared by one of our ustazahs. The children were very excited to receive their gifts while they thanked their ustazahs and posed for their class picture.


This year, the Children’s Day Celebration was truly fun-filled. This is the very objective of the event;, we wanted the children to associate coming to the masjid with learning the Dheen as well as play and celebration. May Allah provide us with more such opportunities in future. Ameen.


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