Eid Celebration with IMSSAKids 2017

23rd July 2017

Eid Gathering 2017 was held on 23rd July 2017, to celebrate Eid with our IMSSA family! Organized by ImssaKids (Levels 3 and 4), the aim of this year’s Eid gathering was to forge stronger ties with the kids and their families by celebrating the joyous occasion together.

An hour and a half long event included food and an exciting array of  photo contests, fashion walk performances, games like Heads up and Treasure Hunt as well as best dressed contests.


Parents were served in a wedding style for their break food. It was sponsored by our level Ustazah Safrina that consisted of Mutton Briyani, Dalcha, Fried Chicken with Payasam as well. In addition to the scrumptious meal, other savouries, desserts and raya cookies were also served.To top that off, we had a special blueberry,ginger mint drink that was prepared by the level 4 ustazahs which was really refreshing! After the scrumptious feast, parents headed for their Asar prayers.



The event began with a melodious Qirath rectial of Surah At-Tur, by our very own Primary 3 Girls, Faahirah and Afrah. Following that, the winners of the month long Eid Photo Contest were announced. This is the first year that the Eid Photo Contest was introduced for students to share their Eid moments with the madrasah. This aims to instill the Islamic moral values through their creative pictures. Such form of small actions when composed together will lead us to how we portray ourselves to be exemplary Muslims to others. As said, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Subsequently, to hype up the parents, we had a short and exciting game of ‘Heads Up’. Parent had to guess the words right with their child acting out the displayed word.The games were received well as it created the parent-child bonding and team interaction. We had a very adorable performance where our nursery and kindergarten kids entertained us by walking fashionably with their Eid festive wear.

Another game that was played to engage the parents was Treasure Hunt! The parents of students of level 3 and level 4 interacted and played together in a fun and engaging way. We also had best dressed contests for two categories, one for individual and the other for group. All the kids and parents were remarkably well dressed and it was a difficult decision for our Judge, Ustazah Shareefa to select the Top 3 winners for each category.

Our distinguished guests, Ustaz Ali Bin Atan, Chairman of Masjid An-Nahdhah and Hazrath gave a quick and succinct speech to summarise the Ramadan Iftars, Eid Celebration and importance of parents support in such events.

Towards the end of the event, parents and their kids were invited to take a Polaroid picture, where they were given a frame card to paste the Polaroid film on, as a door gift for all of them. The children returned home with a wide smile holding their colorful balloons.

Alhamdulillah indeed it was a very fruitful afternoon!


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