Organized By: Yishun Boys Hub / Fiqh Dept

Event Date: 17th September 2017

Venue: Darul Makmur Auditorium

Fiqh Competition 2017, presented by Madrasah As-Soabereen’s, Yishun Boys Hub/Fiqh Department. It was held on 17th September 2017 @ Level 2 Auditorium of  Darul Makmur Mosque.

Our main objective of this event is:

To Promote Fiqh knowledge in our students in an interesting manner.

This is our first initiative of bringing Fiqh competition to our boys to allow them to display their talents & its one of the ways to encourage students to recite adhan beautifully and also a form of motivation to excel in the areas of Adhan & Speech.

The event kick started promptly with Surah Al-Fatihah, subsequently the audience were warmly welcomed with a great speech by Ustaz Nizam. Our Emcees did a fantabulous job in hosting the event. Alhamdullilah.

Our Boys were overwhelmed by the pleasant surprise visit was given by MP Faishal Ibrahim. He was quite impressed with our students leadership development & was also impressed with the adhan recitation of our 2 young boys of P4. He motivated all the students as they are the future of our Nation with his pleasant speech.


The inaugural fiqh competitions consist of Athaan competition, speech on Farlu Ain and Fiqh Quizzes.

The different level would compete amongst them in each of the competition. Primary3/4,  Primary5/6 and Secondary 1/2 boys.

The different competitions enables and gave an opportunity to student of different caliber to take part, which have maximize about 50% of class participation for all the 3 competitions.

Qualifying rounds were done and shortlist by the finalist.

In the quiz category, the incorporation of technology makes the event more engaging for the students and as well as the audiences.

Overall, Alhamdullilah the event was to bring light on the area of Fiqh which student would be using in their everyday life and decision making.





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