Guiding Little Hearts Gathering

18 Febraury 2018
21 Jamadil Awwal 1439


Kindergarten@Bishan ushered the new academic year at Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan) with our Parents Gathering- ‘Guiding Little Hearts’ on 18 Feb 2018. The parents of our students from Pre-Nursery to Primary 1 were greeted by beautiful displays made by our students.


The event commenced with the sharings of all the individual class ustazahs. The sharings mainly comprised of their individual classes’ expectations and the objectives for the academic year 2018.


It was certainly a great opportunity for the newly registered parents as the event offered them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with their children’s learning environment. Kindergarten@Bishan confidently claims that a memorable aspect of the orientation was the video on the Milestones of  Kindergarten@Bishan  that covered her 2017 journey. The event ended off with a sumptuous tea break, with a wide spread of dishes that the attendees like to consume.



To officially conclude the event, the parents had a one-to-one meeting with their child’s respective ustazah, which allowed them to be updated on their child’s progress, achievements and targets for the academic year 2018. Thereafter, the parents shared their concerns and feedbacks personally to their child’s respective ustazah. Indeed, the communication between the parents and the ustazahs has been a major factor in the development of the children thus far.




To nurture each child, we seek the support of the parents to work hand-in -hand with the ustazahs. Together, we can groom better yound muslims, whose hearts are etched to the masjid from young age. InshaAllah, may they be amongst those who will receive Allah’s shade on the Judgement Day. Aameen.

Fadalah bin ‘Ubaid (R.A) narrated that he heard Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) saying:
“Glad tidings to whoever is guided to Islam, his livelihood was sufficient and he was satisfied.”

Hadith At-Tirmidhi #2349


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