Harmony Iftar 2017; Community of Blessings

18th June 2017
23 Ramadan 1438


Harmony Iftar – an event where people of different races and religions come together and celebrate the breaking of fast as a community. The Harmony Iftar at Masjid An-Nahdhah was the fourth and final Iftar organised by IMSSA this year.

In collaboration with Central Mosque Cluster (CNMC), Bishan North CC’s Malay Activity Executive Committee (MAEC) and Harmony Centre @ Masjid An-Nahdhah, the Iftar took place on the 18th of June 2017. The event was also graciously supported by Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin Foundation (RLA), Marigold and MCCY.

The event was graced by Mr Saktiandi Supaat, Grassroots Advisor to Bishan – Toa Payoh GRC, the event was attended by about 3000 people from all walks of life.


The Holy month of Ramadan is a month of giving and graciousness. As encouraged by our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in this hadith,

“He who feeds a fasting person will gain the same reward as he will, without decreasing from the fasting person’s rewards.” [Ahmad].


Our team of volunteers before commencing their door-to-door distribution at Ang Mo Kio Blk 123 and Blk 125


Sahur food and porridge were distributed to Masjid An-Nahdhah, Masjid Al-Muttaqin, Masjid DarulMakmur, Yishun Floral RC, Braddell Heights RC, Toa Payoh East as well as about 400 Needy families in Blks 123 & 125 in Ang Mo Kio & Blk 26 Sin Ming Road.


Dr Koh Poh Koon, Member of Parliament for AMK GRC, was also elated to join our group of volunteers in the distribution at Ang Mo Kio Blk 123 and Blk 125. 400 Kuih boxes packed by our volunteers preceding the event as well as Families for Life Resource Kits were also delivered.




Dr KohPoh Koon expressed in his FB that;

Share the Blessings to All; 400 boxes of Assorted Kuih Boxes for the Needy Families.

“Such is the true spirit of Ramadan and the real manifestation of Islam in our multiracial society. Thank you IMSSA, Al-Muttaqin Mosque, An-Nahdhah Mosque and all partners for the blessings to our community. As we celebrate Hari Raya and enjoy the festivities of the season, let us also be thankful for the peace and harmony that we enjoy in Singapore.”




The packing teams orderly packing porridge into small plastic containers.

Preparation began 3 days prior to the joyous event, with our dedicated volunteers washing and cutting vegetables needed for cooking the next day, packing Kueh boxes for needy families as well as putting up decorations.


On the day of the Iftar, our volunteers made their way to the mosque right after consuming their Sahur or the pre-dawn meal, which commenced their fast to begin cooking the popular Ramadan porridge as well as the menu of the day. The packing teams then proceed to pack the cooked dishes.




Cutting of the fried rojak pieces into bite-size.

The Iftar menu consisted of Porridge, Rojak with Gravy, Corn Custard, Polar Puff’s Chicken Pie, Dates, Lychees and Marigold drinks – Fruit juice & Chocolate/Strawberry Flavoured Milk. The Sahur food for the next morning was Bell Pepper Rice and Pepper Chicken.

Not to forget, the dedicated volunteers also prepared a separate Kids’ Meal menu consisting of Spaghetti, Cheese tart, goody bags and more for the young ones!

As the Harmony Iftar had leaders of different faith groups joining us, vegetarian meals were also catered for them too.


As a multi-racial and multi-religious society, it is crucial for us to have mutual respect and understanding with the people around us to live harmoniously in Singapore. As such, various inter-faith events and dialogues are on the rise. During our Harmony Iftar event, we were privileged to have religious leaders from the different faith groups to join us to break fast together. Ustaz Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anwar from Harmony Centre, Phra Goh Chun Kiang from the Buddhist faith, Friar Robin from the Catholic faith and Master Chung Kwang Tong from the Taiost faith had a meaningful interfaith dialogue session – which was indeed a key programme highlight of the day.


Though the volunteers had to face hunger, thirst and fatigue, the feeling of satisfaction when so many people gather to celebrate Iftar is truly worth all the struggles! It was an event that brought together so many hearts who want to serve and give back to the community. Families and friends of all races could bond and experience the kampong spirit – something that has been lost over the decades of Singapore’s development.

Mr. Saktiandi Supaat, addressing the audience.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters, donors, sponsors, volunteers and attendees who made this Harmony Iftar such a great success.



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