Hot Meal Project Launch @ Chong Pang

29 October 2017
09 Safar 1439


The Hot Meal Distribution Project is one of the many needy projects IMSSA has adopted in hand. This new initiative aims to reach out to the needy elderly residents of Nee Soon community.

Moreover, we also aim to build social cohesion and inculcate responsibility in our youth volunteers. Through active participation and involvement in community service, this Hot Meal Distribution Project aspires to help our IMSSA youth volunteers develop a strong social conscience. In this project, our youth volunteers will prepare lunch meal on the third Sunday of each month, and gladly deliver them to the needy elderly residents’ doorstep. For starters, we are targeting Block 701 and 701B and hope to expand our outreach project to more neighboring blocks in near future.IMSSA has adopted this project through partnership with Nee Soon Central GRC Zone 3 and Masjid Darul Makmur.


On 29th October 2017, we had our official launch at Yishun Block 701B. Our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Member of Parliment (MP) for Nee Soon GRC, graced this event with his presence.This launch was not only for the commencement of this project, but also served as a platform for our elderly and volunteers to spend quality time together.



Our IMSSA volunteers enthusiastically set up various games, craft activities and food booths to entertain residents. The venue was decorated with balloons and streamers in vibrant colours, tagging along with the theme ‘Fabulous Fiesta’.



Nearly 250 residents participated joyously in the project launch. They were intrigued by the numerous activities planned for them. Our volunteers certainly enjoyed interacting and bonding with the residents through games and crafts.



Fruit Kebab Station

This station was set up to promote healthy snacking habits. The residents could customise their own fruit kebab. Fruits such as watermelon, grapes, strawberries and bananas were pre-cut in bite-size to facilitate easy consumption. The importance of having fruits in our diet was emphasized to the residents during this activity.





Cupcakes With Love

Many elderly, as they age tend to have inordinate craving for sweets. To satisfy their sweet cravings our volunteers came in with freshly baked cupcakes with 50% less sugar. What was more exciting was that they could customize their frosting! All they had to do was to choose from two frost flavours (lemon buttercream and strawberry) and experience frosting their cupcake. Not only did they satisfy their sweet tooth, they did in a healthier way.



Malay Traditional Games

This booth was set up by volunteers from Masjid Darul Makmur. A variety of traditional Malay games like chapteh, pick up sticks, congak and five stones were set up as a play station for the residents.





It’s Your Move

This is one of the booths in which most of the elderly enjoyed themselves in. There was a wide range of board games and card games like chess, chinese chess, aeroplane chess, mahjong, jenga, snake and ladder, uno, old maid and donkey. Games are generally loved by everyone, the residents too, eagerly participated and enjoyed most of the games.It was a great opportunity for them to relive their childhood memories as well.



Only 60 Seconds!

This game booth caters to the slightly more active residents. Similar to the game show Minute To Win It , players have a minute to complete game tasks such as tossing into the loops, stacking the cups, and sticky situation where they will bounce the ping pong balls against a sticky board. The residents participated actively, they even encouraged their friends to give a try. The games were facilitated by our youth volunteers.




Henna Booth

Our very own IMSSA henna artists were the reason behind many residents’ beautiful henna stains. The long queue in this booth did not deter them from getting their customised henna designs.





Get Crafty With Us!

Our youth volunteers wanted to bring out the creativity in our residents and what better way could they have done it other than doing Art and Craft!
There were a few craft activities, paper crowns making was one of them. Paper plates were cut and folded in an alternating fashion after which they decorated their crown however they wished using paint, colour pencils, glitter glue, felt tip markers and crayons. Another activity was the stencil printing. Cut vegetables such as lady’s finger, bell pepper, bitter gourd and celery were provided as an art tool for imprinting. Their art pieces expressed how creative and talented the residents were. They were delighted to bring home their masterpiece.



Say Cheese!

Photographs are excellent ways to capture beautiful memories. A photo booth was set up where residents posed with their family and friends and got the photographs printed instantly.



Lunch Buffet

Lunch was served at noon. A scrumptious Indian fusion cuisine consisting of biryani rice, mutton masala, sweet and sour fish, white bee hoon and vegetarian porridge was specially cooked and served by our IMSSA volunteers. We received numerous compliments from the residents.

All in all the Hotmeal Distribution Project Launch was indeed an incredible start for a greater cause. It was really heartwarming to have witnessed both our volunteers and residents spending quality time interacting, bonding and getting to know one another through active participation in games and activities.

It was absolutely a memorable event.


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