Hot Meal Distribution II 2017 @ Chong Pang

19 November 2017
30 Safar 1439


19th November 2017, post “Hot Meal distribution!”  project launch, during the first month on the third Sunday, our volunteers from both IMSSA and Masjid Darul Makmur were all ready to set out for the “Hot Meal distribution!”  for lunch meal, right to the residents’ doorstep.



The menu of the day was chicken rice with vegetarian porridge, and was specially cooked with love by our IMSSA volunteers.


Two teams, comprising of ten members each, headed out to blocks 701 and 701B at Yishun Avenue 5, respectively.



Our volunteers greeted the residents politely with a smile and offered the food packages to our needy elderlies. The residents, who were delighted with the house visits and showering of kindness, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers.



We received many positive feedback on the food distributed. Some volunteers even had friendly conversation with the residents.



This is indeed a valuable experience for our young volunteers. This project serves as a platform for youths to learn about compassion and develop a stronger sense of duty and responsibility towards our community through active social involvement. It also nurtures a culture of care and contribution for our society.



This is just a beginning of a great cause.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming festive celebration with Nee Soon Community.



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