Iftar Utara@Marsiling 2017

04 June 2017
9 Ramadan 1438


Our second iftar of our four-part Iftar series was in Marsiling GRC. It was held on the 04th June 2017 and it took place at the Marsiling Community Sports Park; with the theme “Gather, Learn and Serve”, which is in line with IMSSA’s motto.


The Iftar jointly organized by IMSSA, Marsiling CCC, MAEC and Masjid An-Nur; was also supported by Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes, Republic Polytechnic Muslim Society (RPMS) and Nanyang Polytechnic Muslim Society (NYPMS). We were delighted to have endearing Madam Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament and Grassroots Adviser to Marsiling; grace the event along with Ambassadors from nearby countries, who were impressed by the turn out and the lively atmosphere.


Ramadan is a special month where Muslims all around the world fast from dawn till sunset. It is regarded that the relationship with God is strengthened and important values such as self-control and patience are instilled and portrayed. This year, Alhamdulillah, we have been given another opportunity to experience this blissful month and to gain the many rewards that it has to offer.


Iftar Utara @ Marsiling warmly welcomed more than 4,000 residents, once again. Nonetheless, this year’s Iftar Utara @ Marsiling was more special as we successfully set the Singapore Book Of Records for the ‘Largest Distribution Of Food For Iftar’ with 12,020 packets at Marsiling Community Sports Park. This would not have been possible if not for all the volunteers that came down to give a hand. To prepare for this Singapore Book of Records and Iftar, IMSSA volunteers joined hands with the members of the Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes, students of RPMS and NYPMS.


Preparations for this event, which was held on 4th of June, began about 6 months prior to Ramadan. The day before the Iftar, known as the Pre-Iftar, the logistics team unloaded the goods needed for the big event, at the event venue. Our female volunteers helped in the washing, peeling and cutting of vegetables such as onion, ginger, garlic and potato, which definitely eased the process for the Iftar on the following day.

On the day of Iftar Utara @Marsiling, cooking preparations began as early as right after Sahur, also known as the pre-dawn meal that Muslims consume every morning before commencing the fast. The cooking team that comprises mainly of male volunteers arrived to begin cooking the first dish on the menu – the very popular ‘Ramadan Porridge’ that was prepared in the Indian-Muslim way.

Later on, the skillful volunteers started to whip out other delicious dishes, pre-planned for the Iftar. Our Iftar menu for the day was  Dum Briyani, Kathiriga and Mango Pachadi, Onion Baji, Bread Halwa, Kuai, Dates, Grapes, and a bottle of Fruit Punch and Mineral Water. As for the Sahur food, IMSSA prepared our signature dish; Jeera Rice and Chicken Sambal. All of these items were prepared with love by our very own IMSSA volunteers.

A special and exciting menu “IMSSA Happy Meal” was put together for the children which consisted of Chicken Burger, Cheese Fries, Popcorn Chicken, Payasam, Dates, Grapes, and a bottle of Jello drink and Water. As the young children have been trained to fast especially during Madrasah, they were to be rewarded via an additional with a Goodie bag that consisted of London Roll Cake, Apollo Wafer Sticks, Twisties and sweets.



By late morning, some of the dishes were ready to be packed. Our lovely volunteers from the non-cooking team were all set to pack those dishes. Many food packing lines were formed by noon as time passed to quicken the process and to be all prepared for the Iftar. Concurrently, the packed food items and drinks were laid out neatly on the tables, by our very own helpful youth volunteers.


Iftar Utara @ Marsiling officially commenced at 1800H. For the first time, the emcees delivered in the four official languages throughout the programme.

Upon arrival, Madam Halimah Yacob gave green packets to 300 students from low-income families in the Marsiling GRC.


This Iftar’s theme of  “Gather, Learn and Serve”, served as a great platform to gather residents, families and friends to breakfast together regardless of race and religion. IMSSA has always been gracious towards everyone by warmly welcoming everyone, who are the reason behind the success of the event and will be continue to do so in the future.




Without the help and support of all volunteers, who came to give a a hand, this record breaking Iftar with 12,020 packed food items at Marsiling Community Sports Park, would not have been possible. The packed food  items were also distributed to Masjid An-Nur, MasjidAn-Nahdah, MasjidDarul Makmur and to the low-income families in Ang Mo Kio.



On behalf of the organizing team, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters, sponsors, volunteers and attendees; who contributed to the huge success of Iftar Utara @ Marsiling, in a way or another.


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