IMSSA Got Talent – Semi-Finals for Kindergarten@Bishan

21 May 2017
24 Shaban 1438

Kindergarten@Bishan held IMSSA Kids Got Talent Semi Finals, at Masjid An-Nahdhah on 21st May. 10 selected participants from the Pre-school auditions round, perform on a more competitive ground; whereby all were better trained than their auditions round.


As organisers, the Ustazahs of Kindergarten@Bishan prepared the stage, lights, camera and microphones specially  for the semi-finalists. Despite being unable to do rehearsals prior to actual performance, participants were confident in their delivery. This was only possible as the parents of semi-finalists  were requested to prepare at home and sent a video of the child’s best delivery of performance, at home, to their respective ustazahs.  With the help of parents, our students came fully prepared on 21st May.


To facilitate the anxious  young Semi-Finalists of Kindergarten@Bishan for IMSSA Got Talent to prepare for their performance,  they were exempted from class a little earlier for their break.


The friends of the Semi Finalists were eagerly waiting for their friends to be dressed and for the event to commence.

IMSSA Kids Got Talent Semi Finalists (Kindergarten@Bishan) eagerly waiting to perform.


Post-break, the room was slowly filling up with parents, however as the time ticked to 4pm, the host for the day, Ustazah Safana, started the event promptly, by welcoming the guests and the judges.


Kindergarten@Bishan’s IMSSA Got Talent Semi-Finals commenced with the performance of Farzana from K1 and followed through, as per outline shared with parents of Semi-Finalists.


As each young talent confidently delivered their performance on the stage, with swift handover to the subsequent performers; the audience witnessed the great extent of effort put into each child’s performance that enabled them to overcome their fear.


Performances included
→ Surah Recitation
→ Nasheed
→ Sahabas’ Seera
→ Stacking up of Cups
→ Encapsulation of Dream Occupation
→ Healthy Eating
→ Hadith about friends.

Mashallah, Kindergarten@Bishan does have talented children!

Nursery kids all ready to perform for Fashion Show


Following the last semi finalist’s performance by Syed Ashraf, the Nursery students did an eye catching special fashion show performance.


In the meantime, the panel of judges comprising of Ustazah Imrana, Ustazah Nasuha and Ustazah Jamila, took the time to choose the finalists. These finalists will be representing Kindergarten@Bishan for the Madrasah-wide Talent Time Competition.




Our students were then given a participation certificate together with a prize for our selected students by our Ustazah Aneesa.


The nerve biting moment finally arrived! The young talents, who were selected to the Finals was finally revealed. From a pool of 10 Semi-Finalists, 5 were selected.
→ Javid Musa (K1)
→ Farzana (K1)
→ Muhsin Ahmed (K2)
→ Rayyan Dulkarnai (K2)
→ Hafeezah/MohdRayyan/Fahima(K2 Team)


We look forward to greater support for IMSSA Kids Got Talent’s Finals.


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