IMSSA Got Talent – Auditions for Kindergarten@Bishan

30 April 2017
3 Shaban 1438

Spearheaded by IMSSA’s Talent-Time Competition in 2016, Kindergarten@Bishan held its very first IMSSA Kids Got Talent, at Masjid An-Nahdhah on 30th April. The competition commenced with Auditions on 30th April 2017, specially for kids ranging from 3 years old to 6 years old. 

The auditions was regarded as a good opportunity for the children to showcase their hidden talents beyond the Madrasah curriculum and to shine on stage.

A child’s brain is like a sponge.

Leveraging on the capacity of young children’s brain that absorbs knowledge like a sponge, the auditions proved that many parents trained the young talents to deliver a diverse range of  performances; leaving the judges in amazement. Indeed this internal competition within the Pre-school Level, gave an opportunity for many children to be selected and excel to the next big stage.


The overwhelming amount of support is evident through the overall participation during the auditions:
→ 6 children from Nursery
→ 10 children from K1
→ 10 children from K2


The participants took part as solo, pair and/or group performers; showing off their talents using beautiful props for various talent themes as following:
→ Acting, Sports, Nasheed, Dua, Poetry, Prophet Story Telling, Hadith Memorisation and Speeches

Selection Criteria for IMSSA Kids Got Talent 2017

5 children from each level successfully surpassed the selection criteria successfully and were selected for the semi-finals; to be held on 21 May 2017:

♦ Farzana (K1)
♦ Shahidah (K1)
♦ Muhammed Yusof (K1)
♦ Javid Musa (K1)
♦ MohdEliyas (K1)


♦ AfrahFathima (K2)
♦ Fahima Maryam (K2)
♦ RayyanDulkarnai (K2)
♦ Muhsin Ahmed (K2)
♦ Hafeezah/MohdRayyan/Fahima(K2 Team)
♦ Syed Ashraf (K2)


Through the auditions, it was evident that through the new opportunity given to the young kids, there were able to
→ Maximise their capabilities beyond classroom
→ Gain public speaking experience that led to boosting of self-confidence
→ Enhances the cooperative interaction between Parent-Child-Ustazah


At the end of every competition, there is always room for improvement and likewise for IMSSA Kids Got Talent: 
→ Provide more preparation time for performing children
→ Confirm each child’s performance details with parents earlier by two weeks from initial date
→ Encourage children to perform by creating a comfortable setting via various public speaking instances, within curriculum teaching
→ Conduct Rehearsal Performance at least once, so as to familiarise the children with the performance manner; teach the children to greet with Salam and confidently introduce oneself
→ Share the picture or video to the performed child’s parent to help them encourage their child for future performances.


 Stay tuned for IMSSA Kids Got Talent’s Semi-Finals on 21st May 2017.



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