National Day – Special Bowling Event

09 August 2017
16  Dhul-Kai’dah 1438


This National Day, while the elder boys of Bishan Boys had a fun day of Futsal, the little ones of Bishan Boys were not forgotten! They had a surprise waiting for them!


The primary kids were treated to an enjoyable day at the bowling alley. Most were new to the sports but the guards at the alley aided them in improving their skills. The volunteers, Ustazahs and Ustaz were pleasantly pleased with the children encouraging amongst themselves, regardless of their scores. Certainly, the activity provided an enriching opportunity for the younger ones to get closer to their peers and volunteers.


After a fun day of games, the yonger ones are bound to feel hungry. The Ustazahs and Ustazs ropped  in the volunteers in providing specially prepared quick bites by them to satiate the hunger of the young ones. 

Alhamdulillah it was a great event indeed.


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