Open House 2017

5 February 2017

Madrasah As-Soabereen Bishan organised its Open house which comprised of an Orientation-cum-Parents meeting session for both the parents and students on the 5 February 2017, Sunday from 2.00p.m. to 6.30p.m.

The main objective of this event was for students to gain confidence by presenting Islamic content in front of their peers and parents. This provided an insight to parents of the curriculum provided to their children in our Madrasah. It also gave them the opportunity to step up, assume responsibilities, work as a team, propose ideas and prepare materials for their booths. The students were able to construct their content knowledge actively and were also able to take learning, growth and skills development into their own hands.

Through the concept of games, each class set up their respective following booths:

  • Primary 4 Girls – Presentation and a short question & answer session about the Khalifahs
  • Primary 5 Girls – Quiz on the history of Adam (a.s) and Hawwa (a.s) in a human sized game board named the ‘Human Jumanji’.
  • Primary 6 Girls – Presentation on the different fruits mentioned in the Quran and their benefits in the form of posters. Distribution of hand-made honey cornflakes and short quiz through a dart game.
  • Secondary 1 Girls – Spin the wheel booth on responsibilities. Scenarios were given to participants about the responsibilities towards Allah, nature, and parents. Bookmarks with a hadith enclosed were given as a token of appreciation.
  • Secondary 2 Girls – Booth showcase on ‘ Never refuse to reuse’. Raising awareness among on how creative useful products can be made out of recycled materials
  • Tertiary Girls – An interactive memory booth game based on the facts of the 25 Prophets. The booth was titled; ‘Al Anbiyaa’u Fil Quran’.
  • Hifz and Qiraath – A booth showcase titled;’ Big Mouth’. Participants gained more knowledge on the pronunciation of the Huroof and its Makh’raj of Arabic letters.
  • Specialised Hifz team – Booth showcase titled; Mix and Match, where participants had to memorize and arrange the jumbled up quran ayats to its respective meaning.

Apart from the booths, the Parents Meeting Session took place concurrently. This session served as an opportunity to increase the communication between the Parents and the Ustazahs. This session helped to inform parents about their child’s progress, and performance in Madrasah. The Ustazahs also made sure that they played a part by assuring and addressing the parents’ concerns which were shared with the respective ustazahs during the meeting.

We hope that this Orientation-cum-Parents Meeting Session served as a great opportunity to give the parents a greater insight of what the students will be doing in 2017. We also hope that they have also gained more knowledge through the different games exciting booths that they have visited. Insha’Allah, we hope to see all the Parents again, for the upcoming events in our Madrasah!

Madrasah As-Soabereen Level 3 held its meet-the-parents session so as to orientate parents and complete the target setting set for the little hearts. This was done in the hopes that it would be more beneficial to both the new and returning students as they are formally and personally introduced to their respective Ustazahs right from the get go. This way, the parents too are able to feel more involved in their child’s progress.

Alhamdulillah, there was a good turnout for the event. Each class – from P1 to P3, boys and girls each – had their own corner in the MPH, and the Ustazahs employed various methods of target setting for their students. They discussed the individual student’s abilities and progress thus far, before agreeing on a target for the mid-year examination. Through this exercise and the subsequent follow up each week, the Ustazahs hope to see significant improvement on the student’s part.

Besides this, class materials for the year were also introduced and subsequently distributed to the children. Alhamdulillah, it was a positive and inspiring start to the year! The Ustazahs from Level 3 hope to receive the same support from the parents and larger community throughout the year and especially for the upcoming events. Insya’allah.



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