Parent-Ustazahs’ Meet on 23rd April 2017

Assalamu a’laikum wrb!

Alhamdulilaah. We had a wonderful Parent-Ustazahs’ Meet on the 23rd April from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m! We had invited our parents to come over to discuss how his/her child has performed for the Mid-Year. Since our emphasis is really on an all-rounded individual, we gave out a portfolio specific to each child, highlighting his/her good attributes. We also mentioned to parents on what are the other areas they could look into working with their child. 








After Asar, we had talks by three different ustazahs. Ustazah Hamsath shared with on how parents could help their child to progress to Quran faster with her strategies and tips for home support. Ustazah Nurnisha shared on the importance of bonding between a parent and a child. Lastly, Ustazah Ayeshah shared on some Educational Videos that parents could expose their child to, at home which would aid in their Islamic upbringing.

Masha Allah. The event was a success! We look forward to working with parents further to ensure our students reach their goals and be good muslims and muslimahs, Insha Allah, Ameen.




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