“Parent’s Orientation & Uswathun Hasanah 2017”

By: Yishun Boys Hub

5th Feb 2017, the year kick-started with our Madrasah “YBH Parent’s orientation cum Uswathun Hasanah “

It takes 2 hands to clap. Both parents and Ustads/Ustadzahs have to work in synchrony for the maximal benefit of their students. Many of the Ustads/Ustadzahs are self-motivated, but how do we get the continuous support and trust from the parents? How do we explain to the parents that delivery and teaching techniques applied here, are the best for their kids? We meet up with them often and show them exactly what we have done and what we aim to do in the near future. It was another event in our calendar, Parents-Orientation cum Uswathun Hasanah 2017.
 The planning for this event started weeks before the actual date, 5th of February. Ameers (helpers) were actively brainstorming about it. Consent forms for the parents were given out, ahead in weeks. Food and beverages were set. The day came and ameers were all there by noon. There were many things to be done. Madrasah auditorium had to be decorated; The sound systems had to be set up; Ustads had to practice and run through their presentations; and more.
Ustazahs would be clearly seen running up and down, in stress. They started the preparations in Allah’s name. Bismillah, placing their trust in him. Some got together to do the decorations.
5 of those from the IT department actively set up the mic and sound system. The slides were connected to the projectors. Tables were arranged downstairs, outside the male prayer hall for the break time later. Uswathun Hasanah posters were pasted and the mood was setting in. After lohar prayers, they all got ready to warmly welcome the parents into the auditorium.
 While waiting for majority of the parents to arrive, a photo montage of some of the past year events, were displayed. In total, there were about 50 parents who came down. The event commenced with the emcee welcoming the parents and Quran recital by 5 of our young, talented boys. These P4/P5 boys read Surah Tahreem, Ayats 6-8 alongside Al-Fathiha and Ayatul Qursi. The emcee then introduced the agenda for the day and the first presentation was by Ustaz Ibrahim. In his brief talk, he mentioned about the YBH (yishun boys hub), it’s reformed organizational structure and new initiatives. A centralized division now with specialized departments. He continued about our vision statement: An imam in every house. He elaborated about the 4 main departments we have. It was then followed up with up-coming events/activities for the year, such as Camp 2017. He also introduced the new merit point system and student handbook, mentioning how they work.
Next presentation was by the Quran/Hadith department (Ustad Sultan), then by fiqh department (Ustad Nizam), following that was a speech by parents class, calling out to the parents and inviting them to be part of the madrasah, broadening their knowledge. The presentations were then continued by the Arabic department (Ustad Althaf) and was concluded with Hazrath’s speech.
Following that was Asar prayers. Then came the most looked-forward event: Break time. Delicious meals such as Bee Hoon briyani, curry puffs, brownies, cup cakes, fruit punch were served. After the hearty meal, parents proceeded on to meet their kid’s Ustads and Ustazahs. They got to know about their kid’s academic and non-academic performances in madrasah and got to share their concerns and enquires.
Finally, the parents visited the Uswathun Hasanah exhibition at level 2.

Uswathun hasanah exhibition takes its name from the Arabic phrase “Uswathun Hasanah”, which means an excellent/perfect example. Allah ( سبحانه و تعالى)  mentions in Surah Al-Ahzab 33, Ayat 21 that, prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) is an excellent role model; for whomsoever believes in Allah, the last day and remembers Allah abundantly.

So, who is this role model of his? What does he do that we have to take examples from? How can we follow his actions? For all that, we have to study the Seerah (history) of the prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم). This exhibition highlights some of his aspects such as how a great influencer he was or how kindly he treated the womenfolk, how merciful he was to animals and many more… It has posters which highlights some of his good attitudes and character and learning lessons for us to follow. At the end of the exhibition, visitors who have filled up a questionaire about the quiz received some lovely tokens of appreciation, such as highlighters or notebook. With this exhibition came the end of the day.
Many individuals are behind the success of this event. May Allah ( سبحانه و تعالى) accept their good actions and reward them abundantly. Ameen.



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