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The Healthcare team was a wing formed under IMSSA in the year 2013, to provide the Indian Muslim Society healthcare advice that is more specific to them. With studies that has proven the high risk rate to diseases that the Indian Muslim have been exposed to, the primary aim has been to create awareness amongst the Society.


As the Indian Muslim Society generally does not engage in external health awareness activities due to multiple reasons such as medium of language used being in English and the high cost, the team aimed to provide activities that were conducted in Tamil language and at no cost. This initiative has certainly been well received by the Indian Muslim Society.


IMSSA Healthcare aims to continuously play a part in practical prevention of diseases.



♦ To encourage personal responsibility within the Indian Muslim community
♦ To create more health awareness in the Indian Muslim community
♦ To encourage the Indian Muslims to be socially responsible



To create healthcare awareness for the Indian Muslim community in Singapore.



♦ Health Awareness
♦ Social Responsibility
♦ Compassion
♦ Holistic Care



IMSSA Healthcare was formed in year 2013 by a group of healthcare members in IMSSA. The team decided to kick-off its healthcare initiatives to create awareness to the Indian Muslim Society about diseases by conducting monthly health talks by Registered Nurses.


After garnering great support from majority of the female Indian Muslim participants, IMSSA Healthcare decided to branch out into other activities that focused on diseases prevention. Therefore, the team has conducted practical lessons on exercises and healthy cooking.



Year 2012

Talk: Depression

Year 2013 






Talk: Heart Diseases Talk: Breast Cancer

Talk: Joint Pains + Diet + Exercise

Visit to SWAMI Nursing home

Diabetes Screening & Health Talk (In Collaboration with DSS)

Stress Management Workshop for Secondary Girls (In Collaboration with ClubHeal)

Mammogram on Wheels

Year 2014 



Health Screening & Colours of the MindQuit Smoking Campaign

Talk: Stroke Awareness

Visit to Red Cross Home for the Disabled

Year 2015 



First Aid CourseTalk: Hygiene for Kids

Talk: Colon Cancer

Blood Donation Drive

Year 2016 Talk: Women’s Health



IMSSA Healthcare has a range of activities that it actively seeks to engage the Indian Muslim Society in, so as to create awareness about the importance of disease prevention. The activities comprises of:

♦ Health talks on chronic diseases conducted by Registered Nurses, from IMSSA Healthcare team
♦ Health talks and screenings, collaborated with IMSSA Healthcare and Healthcare Institutions
♦ Practical lessons on exercises and healthy cooking conducted by IMSSA Healthcare and/or Guest Speakers from Healthcare Institutions
♦ Home visits organised to instill social responsibility and awareness of health issues the society faces




IMSSA Healthcare organises it events on a quarterly basis. With a minimum of 4 healthcare activities per year, the participation of the Indian Muslim Society has been overwhelming.



If you have any queries, come and visit us on Sunday between 2.00pm-6.30pm at
⇒ Masjid Darul Makmur; Level 3 and Masjid An-Nahdhah; Level 3, respectively


Check our calendar every start of the month to be updated with our activities.

Be updated with our activities. 


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