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To adopt a personalised approach to secure excellence that stems from a passionate belief that each individual is unique, special and capable of rising above any perceived limitations. As a male-centric level, we focus mainly on 3 aspects;
♦ Excelling is Islamic education
♦ Character development
♦ Serving the community



Nurturing Today’s Young Minds, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders to serve (khidmat) and succeed in both worlds.



♦ All classes have to start punctually
♦ All boys are to be dressed in long jubbah
♦ All pupils are to ensure that the premises used are to be kept clean at all times


♦ Academic for various levels

Bishan Boys Hub caters specifically from Primary 5 Boys to  Adult Parents Class for males.

We aim to cultivate our boys to  be gentlemen,just like our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Instilling deep sense of his love will allow us to give them a powerful rule book with deepen Islamic knowledge to guide them through life. Being a gentleman, teaches a boy four important lessons in life:
♦ How to honour their masculinity and manliness
♦ How to treat other people with respect and courtesy
♦ How to be build a character to be proud of
♦ How can they serve others?
♦ Apply and accept Islam as their lifestyle



Experiential Learning


● Hajj and Ramadan Awareness Exhibition
Through this awareness exhibition our aim is to offer and instill the awareness through provision of knowledge.Our boys experience this knowledge by setting up various booths. This Exhibition is made up of a series of projects that are tailored to meet specific objectives and outcomes each year. Using a vast array of dynamic skills held by these projects ,it help the boys to create a greater understanding and deepen the knowledge.


● PSLE/O level/N level Tuition
Success for Boys Programme has been developed during Madrasash curriculum time with the support of the voluntary teachers. To Instill the significance of education among the boys, Madrasah support boys in their education.The voluntary teachers coaches and guide them weekly. This programme was designed to encourage the boys not to miss Madrasah lessons and rather to show Madrasah supports both religious and school studies.

This group leads professional discussion about boys’ learning needs and provides advice on research and development activities that pilots to each student’s educational achievement.



● Experiential learning for our boys allows learning from experience or learning by doing. Experiential education first immerses boys in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.

● Sports (Playing Futsal): purpose of bonding and create strong brotherhood between the boys. Futsal requires all players to work together to achieve their goals.Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and even prevent you from going to the wrong path.

● Instilling Khidmat (Serving the Community)

● Visits the Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled.Our theme for the boys is “Aspire to Inspire.Activities like Hydroponic planting,art and finger painting,making of sandwich b Through this trip the residents taught the boys to fortify their values of being more appreciative of the things around them.

● Reaching out to others project:A new initiative  is brought by Bishan boys to reach out to the people who needs more than us,.These boys did their part by lending a helping hand to these people.We have instilled the characters of Prophet Muhammad(saw)through this exercise.The boys packed the necessary basic items which had to be delivered to the people.

● Masjid Cleaning:  The students have been given the opportunity to lay out sejadah(prayer mat)for the Friday prayers.They have also been involved in cleaning of bookshelf, staircase railing. This is coupled with some minor sweeping. These activities serve as a means to instill the feeling”my home” within each of the students.



Some IMSSA Junior Ustazs attend additional classes before Madrasah officially commences. Welfare of students and Ustazs are ensured by a small group of Ustads. Prior knowledge and intensive revision classes are given to Ustazs weekly. They will be tested on 4 termly basis.


1. Textbook-cum-Workbook that comprises of
○ Akhlaq
○ Fiqh
○ Seerah
○ Tafsir
2. My portfolio 2017
3. Tajweed and Arabic books
4. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets



If you have any queries, come and visit us on Sunday between 2.00pm to 6.30pm at Masjid An-Nahdhah Level 1.

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