IMSSA Juniors


To aspire students to become Saliheens and contribute to the society by doing good.



To nurture each child holistically to reach the ultimate goal in future to serve the nation with good deeds.



All classes have to start punctually
Late coming will amount to deduction of class points
All pupils are to ensure that the premises used are to be kept clean at all times







♦ Academic for various levels

IMSSA Juniors is catered specifically from Primary 4 Girls to Lower Secondary Girls, and Tertiary Level Girls.

As a female centric level, greater focus has been placed to offer the female students with in depth knowledge of Fiqh topics that are more relevant to females.

Moreover, to motivate our young female students to be better leaders of tomorrow, Seerah of females with special qualities have been introduced through engaging strategies.

As students come from various background, the use of hands-on activities and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools have become part of delivering the curriculum.

Lessons are planned ahead to ensure well-thought lessons are delivered to the students. Thus, the Level IC and the respective Level Managers will review the lesson plans and provide feedback, if required, to ensure that relevant content is taught in an interactive manner. Lesson Planning initiative ensures that all pupils in the same class receive the same kind of education even when they are split into smaller sub groups.



Assembly Programme

The Assembly Programme is held at the end of each month, between 6pm-6.30pm. On alternate months, Inter-Class competitions takes place while during the other alternate months, level Prize Presentation takes place.

Each Inter-Class competition differs from the other. Nonetheless, the focus is on providing a platform for students to deliver content with confidence and practise teamwork.  To guide the students, an Ustazah from each class participates along with their class representatives. Therefore, any student is able to come forward to participate.

The Assembly Programme aims to develop more confident speakers amongst our IMSSA Juniors and also awards students under various categories. This reaffirms them that anyone can be award winners, during any of the 4 Bi-monthly Assembly Sessions that will be held in a year, as long as consistent effort is upheld.


Class Points-System

Class Points-System has been introduced to IMSSA Juniors, so as to instill discipline within students and to boost attendance. The system that includes Ustazahs  within their respective classes, rewards points mainly on weekly attendance and punctuality. The class with with highest percentage of attendance and punctuality gains a maximum of 100 points for each component, while the second best in ranking will gain 90 points, so on and so forth .

Additionally, for any actions of any student, who illustrates lack of discipline or negligence, mainly during break and prayer times, points are deducted from the class. Students are able to earn additional points via submission of book reviews.

Points are accumulated over 2 months. The class with the highest points are being awarded the Best Class Award during the Level Assembly.


Library Competition

To mould self-directed learners and curious knowledge seekers, students are encouraged to read at least a book and write a review about it. Tied in with Class Points System, each book review will earn 10 points for respective class.

Bi-monthly, all the book reviews received during that period will be assessed for the best Book Review. The writer of the best Book Review will be awarded during the Assembly Programme and will be given an opportunity to present her Book Review to the entire level.

The library corner has been planned to be more engaging by incorporating themes each week. Themes include Seerah, Islamic books in Tamil language, Akhlaq and Aqidah, and Fiqh and Hadiths. Following these themes, students who visit the Library Corner during the respective weeks, will get to randomly draw questions related to the theme from a ‘Questions Jar’ and answer it. Students can earn 10 points for their Class Points, for every correctly answered questions.



To awaken the talents of young minds, Ustazahs of IMSSA Juniors have been encouraging students to participate in the annual Madrasah As-Soabereen-wide Talent-Time Competition. The competition that allows participation either in the individual or Group category, commences with auditions. From auditions till semi-finals, the competition remains within the competitors from Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan). Thereafter, the competition becomes stiffer during finals, as semi-finalists from both the Yishun and Bishan branch will compete with each other. Through this competition, Ustazahs have been able to identify hidden talents of their students and facilitate in the grooming of well-rounded students.



1. Value of the Month-cum-Good Character Awards

As a new initiative of 2017, Islamic Year 1438, students have been encouraged to emulate specific characters that will help them to be better individuals and leaders. Bi-monthly, a character value has been promoted by the level to the students. Students have been encouraged to emulate it. Respective Class Ustazahs will assess weekly and record it in their log. From each class, the student with the best representation of the promoted character value will be selected by respective Class Ustazahs. The selected students will be awarded during Level Assembly.


2. Presentation to the Mass

Students are offered numerous opportunities to present to their fellow classmates and during Level Assembly, on top of the opportunity Talent-Time offers to its participants. During class time, Ustazahs ensure that students come forward to present to their class or sub-groups following an assigned task. Moreover, students have also been encouraged to come forward to lead their class in dua reading, during the commencement of class. Thus, these practices help to boost the students’ confidence level and enhance their delivery.


3. Events-based

IMSSA Juniors are able to develop on their leadership skills during events such as Madrasah As-Soabereen Family Camp, Iftars and Carnival. Apart from assigned leaders for certain tasks, students are encouraged to be proactive in leading others. For instance, during activities done by multiple classes, the older students are encouraged to facilitate the younger students. Moreover, such activities allows students to care for each other – an essential character of a good leader.


4. Students/Ustazahs Welfare

Some IMSSA Juniors and Ustazahs attend additional classes before Madrasah officially commences. Welfare of students and Ustazahs are ensured by a small group of Ustazahs, who bring home-prepared food for those attending classes before 2pm. Additionally, drinks are also prepared buy Ustazahs for all to drink during break.

The welfare of the level ensures the morale and productivity of students and Ustazahs is enhanced. Moreover, Ustazahs and students are able to improve on their hospitality, which is an essential aspect of a caring leader.



1. Textbook-cum-Workbook that comprises of
○ Akhlaq
○ Fiqh
○ Seerah
2. Quran Log
3. Tajweed Notes
4. Collated Quran Ayats And Hadiths Booklet
5. Camp Booklet (For Family Camp) 
6. Janaza Booklet (For Family Camp)
7. Ramadan Kit
8. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets



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