IMSSA Yishun Ladies’ Hub


Grooming our students to be Muslimah, who learn and give by educating others and being a role model to them.



To nurture students to become future leaders.



All Students are to be punctual to class and maintain decorum
All Students have to ensure that the premises are kept clean at
all times
All Classes are to start at 1.55pm weekly.

Failure to adhere will result in points to be deducted from respective
student/s and group/s accumulated points





♦ Academic for various levels

IMSSA Yishun Ladies Hub caters specifically Primary 4 Girls to Primary 5 Girls, Secondary 4 Girls to Parents Class Girls.

As a Female Centric Level, our lessons and Activities are planned to nurtured them to be a better Muslimah’s of the community. At the same time, cultivating their knowledge in:

  1. Fiqh
  2. Seerah
  3. Akhlaq
  4. Quran and Science
  5. Arabic
  6. Healthy Lifestyle
  7. Life Skills

As a level having 3 different age group of students; all our lessons and activity are carried out through different platform for them, to get optimal maximum knowledge about the topic.

The Upper Primary lessons undergo are more hands on and group-based Learning while the Secondary 4 and Tertiary classes undergo ICT and Application-based Learning. As for the Parents class, lessons are more about analysing and applying. Nonethless, all the lessons have detailed lesson plans that are vetted through by relevant Heads to make sure that the students gets the right knowledge.

Quranic lessons for Upper Primary , Secondary 4 and Tertiary are conducted; whereby two Ustazahs are assigned to each group, with the aim of  increasing the nurturing time for each student and increasing the effectiveness of teaching Quran.

On top of academic lessons, students are also given opportunities to adopt  life skills and healthy lifestyle, through a specially dedicated curriculum every other month to nurture our students to be a more confident and well-informed leader in the future.



Parents Ustazah Meeting (PUM) 

On a bi-monthly basis, Ustazahs meet students’ parents to update the parents on the progress of their children. Hence, concerns of the parents about the studies can be well addressed. Furthermore, the bond between the parents and the Ustazahs can be better strengthened.

Apart from PUM, the respective class ICs will be in touch with the parents every month, to know concerns of the parents and students. Also, parents have been well notified on the current happenings in the level and Madrasah.


Points System

With the aim of nurturing our students to be the future leaders, points system has initiated to instill discipline and responsibility among our students.

The points system is specially catered to Upper Primary girls. The students are awarded or deducted points throughout the madrasah duration for their behaviour and efforts.

Moreover, the points are awarded or deducted from the individual and group points tabulation to encourage the students to encourage one another to be a better muslimah.

Every 3 months, the top 3  points from individual category and highest from group category are given certificate and small hampers to motivate the students to be a better muslimah.


Buddy Teaching

The Ustazahs are paired up during Quran lessons to guide students during their Quran recitation, Tajweed and memorization of the Quran.

Through this kind of teaching the Ustazhas are able to cater more time to all the students. There are also able to conduct more effective lessons at a shortened duration, which has allowed the group to learn more about the Quran and the Quran itself.


♦ High Tea With UMMI

A yearly event to celebrate the Mothers that has been successfully held for the past two years. The event was kick started with the aim to show appreciation to all the Mothers of our students and Ustazahs.

For this event, our students and Ustazahs make their own gifts for the Mothers; the participants of the event.  The event also comprises of games segment to bond the children with their mothers’, in a relaxed environment.

Each year, there will be  special appreciation segment where the students share about their Mothers and wish them. Moreover, there will be a forum and discussion segment for Mothers to learn few pointers about good parenting.


National Day Carnival

The National Day Carnival is ran by our students to bring back the old memories of Singapore and to share some history of our little red dot.

During Madrasah on the Sunday of National day week , stalls are setup; ranging from activities to food to bring us back to olden days.



1. Moulding the Future Mentors

2. Mentor the Mentor Program



1. Guide Book ( for Parents)
2. Quran Log
3. Prayer Log
4. Communication Log
5. Tajweed Book
6. Dua Book
7. Camp Booklet (For Family Camp)
8. Ramadan Kit
9. Holiday Kit
10. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets
11. Notebook


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