IMSSA’s Roaring Talents


Groom students to be upright, contributive, participative and pious individuals with the zest to excel in life.



Create opportunities for our young, encourage them to learn the art of recitation of Al-Quran with Tajweed and the memorization of the Al-Quran, use the Al-Quran as a guide in every step and aspect of their lives.



Pure in Act, Efficient in Learning



♦ Integrity
♦ Responsibility
♦ Kindness
♦ Accomplishment
♦ Making a Difference



Report at 1.45 p.m. to attend Storytelling Sessions
Do weekly clean-ups with the class at 6.15 p.m.






♦ Academic for various levels

The academics covered for all the levels are:

  1. Iqra’/Quran
  2. Fardhu Ain
  3. Akhlaq
  4. History
  5. Tajweed
  6. Lifeskills

The academics covered are unique to the different levels



♦ Storytelling Programme 

We have a storytelling programme every Sunday, where students in Preschool and Lower Primary are read to.  This is done from 1.45 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. in the prayer hall. They are read stories of Prophets and other stories based on good morals. As students listen to the stories, they are asked predictive questions of how the story will unfold and perspective-taking questions like,

‘What would you have done if you were in that situation?’


Through this, students are constantly reinforced of good morals. They will have raised awareness of Prophets and appreciate Prophets more for all that they have done. Also, it teaches them how to cope with hardships using Prophets’ life stories as examples.


♦ Glimpse into Current Affairs

We have a silent reading session, every Sunday, for our Secondary girls. This is done from 1.45 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. in the prayer hall. They are given current affairs articles to read and then are told to reflect upon them in their journals. Some of the topics include harmful effects of using handphones, benefits that youths are entitled to when they do volunteer work and good decision-making.


Through this, students have raised awareness of what is happening in the world around them and how different things can impact different individuals either for the better or for the worst. When they reflect, they better appreciate the reasonings behind things that are done. They become more supportive of desired acts.


♦ Quran & Science

We have a Quran & Science segment after the silent reading programme for our Secondary girls. During this segment, they are exposed to Quran ayats which are related to Science. Through this, we hope to instill a deeper connection between them and the Quran as they start to see how truthful and real the Quran is. Also, they become very engaged in lessons as the topics distilled from the Quran Ayats interest them very much.


♦ Modular Enrichments

We have modular enrichments for the 3 sub levels. Some of the modular enrichments include Arabic Calligraphy, Imaamath Training, Perfecting Duas and Beautiful Azan. Two modules take place each Semester. These modules are lessons that are focused to drill them on a specific skill set. This has been done with the intent to bring to life some Fardhu Ain lessons. Also, it hopes to enthuse students who are strong in certain skills to help their friends to strengthen theirs. This fosters a positive sense of collaboration.


♦ Rewards System

Rewards System was implemented in May this year. This was implemented to encourage students to portray more positive behaviours. For instance, when they help their friend or progress much more than expected, they are given a reward slip. This reward slip may be redeemed for a token. The tokens will be placed at the corner of prayer halls. This has been done with the intent to motivate students to reach their goals and also, to nurture a good environment of positive behaviours.


♦ Tajweed Workshops

Tajweed workshops are organized by Hamsath ust, in 20 minute pockets. She goes around providing Tajweed expertise to students. Students are expected to master Tajweed and recite Quran with Qirath’ at the end of the workshops. This strengthens the connection between Quran and students. Also, it gives them the necessary knowledge to elevate their ibadath to the next level.


♦ Interactive Iqra’ Curriculum

We have implemented an interactive Iqra’ Curriculum this year. We have given out a manipulatives set to each Iqra’ group of 5 students. This manipulatives set inlcudes flash cards on basic Arabic Alphabets, Joint Letters, blocks, mini white boards, Arabic board games and Arabic Snap Card games. This is to engage students at a higher level to ensure that they have a higher retention of Iqra’ knowledge. This will enable them to progress to Quran faster.



♦ Azan Training

Azan training is one of our modular programmes. At the end of the module, during our Fardhu Ain Day, students will be competing against each other for the best Azan reciter. In other words, the best Bilal. This helps us to push students to achieve their best and nothing less. It also helps us to recognize talents amongst us.


♦ Imaamath Training

Imaamath Training is another modular programme that we have. At the end of the module, students are expected to be imaams of special prayers like Terawih and Eidhul Fithr. They will also be exposed to more non-spoken prayers like Janazah prayers.Through this, students will perfect their Surahs, Dua Recital. They will also be able to perfect their own Solat ibadath.


♦ Quran Competition 

We hold Quran Competition once a year. This helps us to sieve out talents in Quran recital. This allows us to recognize the talents we have. It also pushes students to achieve their best, to compete against their friends. We also have other components in Quran Competition. For instance, we have ‘Complete the Quran Ayat’ competion where the competition forces students to have a good grasp of the surahs that they have memorized. This emphasizes to students the importance of memorization. On the other hand, our students become better as they better their memorization skils. Memorization skills are keys to leading a good life.


♦ Fardhu Ain Competition/Games Day

We hold Fardhu ‘Ain Competition/Games Day once a year. The main objective of this event is to make Fardhu ‘Ain lessons come to life and as engaging as possible for students. Very often, Fardhu ‘Ain lessons during a normal lesson day, tends to be dry. During this games day, we have it in a different approach where students compete with each other, play with each as they learn from each other via experiential manner. Through this, students retain Fardhu ‘Ain Concepts better.



1. Part-Timership

Students are encouraged to teach part-time. Ustazahs in charge overlook them and groom them accordingly.

2. Asatizah Training

Ustazah in-charge provides Asatizah training during Madrasah hours. They are given responsibilities similar to that of an Asatizah and are guided along. Through this, it is hoped that they have sufficient exposure in being an Asatizah before becoming one.



1. Textbook-cum-Workbook that comprises of
○     Akhlaq
○     Fiqh
○     Seerah
2. Quran Log File
3. Customized Tajweed Book
4. ‘Alhamdulilaah’ Journal
5. Customized Arabic Book
6. Customized Dua Book
7. Camp Booklet (For Family Camp)
8. Ramadan Kit
9. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets
10. Student Handbook
11. Iqra’ Manipulatives Set



If you have any queries, come and visit us on Sunday between 2-6.30pm at Masjid Darul Makmur Level 1 or Level 3.


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