Ustazahs Professional Development Session (UPDS)


UPDS commenced with the objective of providing a platform for Ustazahs to upgrade and hone our Ustazahs’ teaching methods and classroom management. Thus, the programme aims to enable Ustazahs to better bring forth lessons to our students. UPDS is also an avenue for our Ustazahs’ to share their ideas, experiences and knowledge with fellow Ustazahs. Lastly, it also serves as a monthly bonding session for our Ustazahs to strengthen their relationships, and to also relax and unwind.



To consistently develop and upgrade our Ustazahs’ teaching methodology.



Nurturing our students through our teachers.



♦ Commitment
♦ Passion
♦ Dedication



UPDS extends from the Annual “We, the Khalifahs” that commence in 2012, whereby it initially served as a platform to unwind and appreciate each other as Ustazahs. In the recent years, “We, the Khalifahs” identified the need to provide a platform for Ustazahs to develop and upgrade their classroom management and teaching methodology. Thus, the annual affair that integrated such refresher courses, along with entertainment factor, was seen to require more than a day. Nonetheless, the tweak in the objectives was well received.


Therefore, in February 2017, UPDS was formed as an extension of “We, the Khalifahs”, following IMSSA’s 5th “We, the Khalifahs” that was held in January 2017.


Since the launch of the first session of UPDS, the programme has been yielding resonating success.



Within an hour and half time-frame, 3 presentations, accompanied by question and answer (Q&A) portion are scheduled to occur during each session. To ensure diversified information is being shared during each session, each presentation has been presented by different level representative Ustazah. The presentations vary in scope, ranging from teaching methodology, classroom management techniques, formative assessment to better understanding of self.   




UPDS is scheduled to be held once a month; generally on either the last Saturday or the first Saturday of a month.



If you wish to present during any of the UPDS sessions, get in touch with your respective level In-charges.


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