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To develop each individual as a leader for the family, community & nation who is responsible and equipped with the knowledge of this world and the Hereafter.



An Imam In Every House



♦ Classes have to abide by the general rules & regulations of Madrasah and decisions made by the level as a whole
♦ Students are to be punctual to class and maintain decorum. Failure to adhere will result in points to be deducted from respective student’s accumulated points
♦ All students have to ensure that the premises are kept clean at all times





♦ Academic for various levels

IMSSA Yishun Boys Hub caters specifically to boys from Primary 3 to Parents Class.

As a male centric level, greater focus has been placed to offer the male students with in-depth knowledge of Fiqh topics that are more relevant to males. This is in line with our vision, “An Imam in Every House”.

Additionally, to develop pious (Salih) students, nurtured with taqwa and good adab and akhlaq, our young male students are equipped with extensive islamic knowledge, which is relevant to the respective levels. To ensure that the students become practicing muslims, who show care and concern towards others, both academic and non-academic programmes have been serving as interactive means for students to apply the knowledge obtained during curriculum teaching. Thus, the success rate of the utilisation of new teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques, obtained during the Annual Ustazs’ Refresher Course, can be well monitored.

To centralise the teaching and learning with authentic resources, departments have been created for various subjects

⇒ Fiqh & Aqidah
⇒ Seerah & Dakwah
⇒ Arabic Literacy
⇒ Quran & Tahfiz
⇒ Akhlak & Life skills

The respective departments are responsible for syllabus, content, lesson delivery and assessment of subjects for the various classes. Additionally, subject-related programs and activities are also organised by the relevant departments. Therefore, subject-matter experts of respective subjects are able to moderate the content delivered to students of YBH.
Furthermore, Department heads have also been identifying potential students to groom via extra lessons. As a result, the next generation of subject-matter experts are being nurtured.



♦ Target Setting

To ensure “An Imam in Every House”, it is essential for students to maintain discipline and overall conduct. Moreover, to better access each student’s development, regular attendance is vital. These are part of the primary target setting set for each child.

In addition, there are both academic and non-academic based targets set for the level in general:

⇒ 100% of students to able to recite Quran with Tajweed

⇒ 75% of students from each class to memorise minimum 1 juz


⇒ 50% students from each class to take part in competitions organised within Madrasah As-Soabereen


♦ Merit Points System

In line with YBH’s vision of developing “An Imam in Every House”, students have to be monitored throughout their growing years. If the monitoring and guidance is properly rendered, each student will insha Allah become a better Muslim and be holistically developed.

Students have been awarded 50 points at the start of the year. Apart from the general rules set by the level in terms of punctuality and discipline, every main Ustaz of a class have set the direction for the class. Unless students adhere to the rules set, points will be deducted. Nevertheless, points have been awarded for every good deed done. At the end of the year, students’ points will be tabulated and ranked, in each level. Students will be awarded conduct grading, based on the number of points accumulated. Top 3 students from each level will receive a special prize.


♦ Issuance of Student Handbook

The student handbook is a tool for students to record their reflections after every lesson. It also serves the purpose of a referral for students and parents on Madrasah As-Soabereen’s history, existing programs and events. It also consists of selected duas for students to memorise and to be aware of the essentials, as a student under IMSSA YBH. The Student Handbook includes:

⇒ Particulars Page
⇒ History of IMSSA -Madrasah
⇒ Rules & Regulations
⇒ Merit Point System
⇒ Calendar – English and Islamic
⇒ Prayer timetable
⇒ Weekly task planner
⇒ Quran Surah recording


♦ Hajj Exhibition

Prior to the day of Eidul Adha, the Ustazs have been organising Hajj Exhibition since 2015, Islamic year 1436. The exhibition consists of each location that is part of the Hajj experience. To groom our students as confident speakers, the Ustazs and Ustazahs train the students, to enable them to share their knowledge at the relevant locations, with the audience during the Hajj Exhibition. This initiative has certainly served as a platform for YBH’s young Imams to work on being practicing Muslims.


♦ Uswathun Hasanath

Uswathun Hasanath was initiated with the objective of raising awareness of daily struggles students may face, with regards to the male students’ lifestyles and the challenges that they may face within their families, especially with elderly residents at home. This program has been organised with an additional intent of instilling love for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and enlivening his beautiful teaching of his Sunnah. Nonetheless, the highlight of Uswathun Hasanath has been to honor the elderly, show compassion and mercy to them.

Insha Allah, through this event, the gap between generations is aimed to be bridged. Also, spread an atmosphere of love and understanding between the young and the old.


♦ Adhan competition

Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. Adhan Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and strong verbal skills on Quranic verses. These type of competitions encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills.


♦ Quran Exhibition

Ramadhan is the month whereby Quran was presented to mankind. As a result, Quran Exhibition has been taking place with the main objective to provide a platform for students to recall the good deeds learnt prior to Ramadhan and to encourage various good deeds, in an engaging manner. Hence, this serves as an avenue to spark and rekindle the interest amongst students to explore the interesting facts in the Quran.


♦ Learning journey

As a small Muslim Society in Singapore, the Ustazs and Ustazahs have been planning Learning Journeys to provide a platform for students to
Serve the communities through collaborations with organizations such as Darul Ihsan Elderly Home to create awareness of the different groups of disadvantaged
Visit different Mosques around Singapore to create awareness of Mosques in Singapore


♦ Weekly Hadith

Reminders are essential to humans to remember better. With that in mind, there have been Weekly Hadiths sharing with the students. The hadiths focus on various aspects such as good character and ibadaah. These hadiths have been serving as reminders for some, while for many, they have been educated. As outstanding students have been offered opportunities to read Hadith in Arabic, English and Tamil in front of the Jemmah, they become and confident in their delivery and learn the hadith by heart. The joy of sharing the knowledge obtained is inculcated through this.


♦ Area Terawih

To encourage students of YBH to recall their Quran memorisations in the blessed month of Ramdhan, Terawih sessions have been conducted in the houses of students, Ameers and/or Ustazs. The students never fail to be inspired with the Imaamath recitation of their own Quran Ustaz.

So, the Terawih sessions have been serving as an excellent platform to mould students to be young imams; as each session allows a number of students to say the Athaan, conduct a few rak’ats of Terawih prayers as an Imaam. Hence, they have been able to practice rulings and adab of imaamath and ma’mum.


♦ Qiyamul Layl

Students have been exposed to minimum opportunities to experience Ithikaaf in the Masjid. Thus, during one of the last ten days of Ramadan, Qiyamul Layl is conducted for our students. This session allows the students to enhance their spiritually to a higher level of doing the Sunnah and Ibaadah, alongside Ustaz and Ustazahs. Towards the end of the session, whilst everyone eats together during Sahur at the Masjid, the students have been able to experience brotherhood.



To groom students to be “An Imam in Every House”, it is paramount to maintain frequent communication with parents; so as to ensure that parents are aware of their child’s experience in the Madrasah, on a weekly basis.

Updates of each child’s progress are equally critical to be conveyed to the respective parents. As a result, the main Ustad/Ustazah has been updating the respective parents, whenever a student fails to be punctual to class on a regular basis and/or lacks discipline. Respective parents have also been informed if a student is commended for good deeds.

Moreover, Ustazahs/ Ustads of each class have also been updating respective parents at the end of every Semester, regarding their child and his class progress. This feedback also includes the child’s performance under the relevant Departments.




1. Student Helpers and Student Leaders

Ustazs are in continuous lookout to identify potential student helpers. Students who have been demonstrating good character, equipped with good quran recitation and memorization are being selected as student helpers at the age of 15. Student helpers are then groomed and later deployed to teach lower level students. Over a probation period, potential leaders, also known as Ameers, are being identified amongst student helpers. Afterwhich, the newly identified Ameers are given roles in YBH.

However, not all Ameers are being given the opportunity to teach, till they are deemed as competent with regular attendance and commitment upheld. Meanwhile, these Ameers are being expected to assist in the resource development of the department that they are assigned to. This motivates the student helpers to be promoted to Ameers.


2. Events-based

Students of YBH are able to undergo leadership development opportunities during events such as Hajj Exhibition, Madrasah As-Soabereen Family Camp, Iftar and Family Carnival. Leadership development is offered in the form of preparing for events and sharing of knowledge with others. Also, these activities serve as a means for students to practice on leadership qualities such as caring for others, looking out for others, being confident and calm. These leadership skills can only be learnt via experiential learning, which cannot be taught via curriculum.



1. Textbook-cum-Workbook that comprises of
○ Akhlaq
○ Fiqh
○ Seerah
2. Quran Log
3. Tajweed Book
4. Collated Quran Ayats And Hadiths Booklet
5. Camp Booklet (For Family Camp)
6. Ramadan Kit
7. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets
8. Lets’ pray Fiqh Book
9. Student Handbook



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