PSLE Motivational Booster (Bishan Girls)

20 August 2017
27 Dhul-Kai’dah 1438


PSLE workshop was conducted on the 20th August 2017 for the P6 girls at Masjid An-Nahdhah, Level 2 Classroom. The objective of the workshop was to motivate the girls for their upcoming papers, to drive them to study hard by providing them studying tips and also reminding them always that Allah is there to help them.


Our content for the workshop was
♦ How to tackle a difficult question smartly
♦ Revising their “common mistakes”
♦ Going through their checklist of topics for each PSLE subject
♦ Setting of SMART goals
♦ Health tips
♦ Reminding their essential items to be prepared on the eve of exam
♦ Sharing of their own studying tips that they cultivate commonly
♦ An activity of how to master a topic in a A4 paper



1. How to tackle a difficult question smartly

Students were shared with 8 strategies on how can they manage a question when they encounter any problem.



2. Revising their “common mistakes”

As we have been conducting PSLE programme from the month of February, we were able to observe and collate all their common mistakes that are made often in their papers. Thus, we took examples of their own work to remind their common mistakes that have been usually made; mainly due to their carelessness or nervousness. It was more of a reminder for all of them; in an attempt to create awareness amongst them so that they can conscientiously avoid careless mistakes in the future.


3. Going through their checklist of topics for each PSLE subject

For mathematics and science, a checklist of topics compiled specially by the ustazahs for standard and foundation was shared with the students. The checklist was meant to aid the students to track their progression of revision topics as they gradually gear up for PSLE.


4. Setting of SMART goals

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – realistic

T – time-based

To guide the Primary 6 girls to set SMART goals, an exercise was conducted whereby some common SMART goals were set together with the Primary 6 girls. Subsequently, they were encourage to set some SMART goals after pondering our their future. The goals were mainly based on
♦ Secondary School of choice
♦ Ideal score that they want to get
♦ Actions to carry out in order to do to achieve it


5. Health tips

“Eating well is a habit”

Health is key. With exams a month away, any health issues regardless of acuteness can affect any child’s preparation towards PSLE that can hamper their performance. To prevent such undesirable circumstances, some health tips to keep themselves were shared. Till PSLE is over, the girls will continuously be reminded about keeping healthy.


6. Reminding their essential items to be prepared on the eve of exam

We all stress a lot about exams but very few us realise that students should prepare themselves on the eve of exams. Pre-examination preparation is not all about scanning through notes. More importantly, each child should be aware that for each subject examination, there are some essential items that they should carry with them.

Some students tend to forget certain things due to panic attack or packing of their bags last minute. Therefore, a checklist was provided to remind the Primary 6 girls about the relevant essential items for their different examinations, which they should pack by the eve of their examination day. We do not wish for any of the girls to be nervous during their exam, solely due to missing out an essential item to their examination hall. Such incidences never fail to stress the students before their paper, hampering their performance during their exam.


7. Sharing of their own studying tips that they cultivate commonly

 Our girls shared their own studying tips that they have cultivated from home. For instance, rewarding themselves with chocolates or sweets after revising a topic or doing an assessment. To value-add the girls’ new study tips to adopt, some of the ustazahs shared their own tried and tested studying tips to the girls.





8. An activity of how to master a topic in a A4 paper

As main maps facilitate topical understanding, students were tasked to do mind-maps by linking multiple topics, eventually.


To end of the workshop, each Primary 6 girl, who attended the talk, received a countdown calendar; reminding the kids that their PSLE was 37 days away. The Quran Ayats that accompanied each countdown, aims to constantly remind the girls that Allah’s help is near during this crunch period.

The PSLE Motivational Booster was well appreciated by the Primary 6 girls as they feed-backed that the workshop was beneficial, interesting and enlightening with the take-aways. A number of girls also expressed that they feel motivated by the support that all the ustazahs have been providing them.


We wish all students who will be undergoing PSLE this year, All the Best!

“Those who persevere in patience, and put their trust, in their Lord and Cherisher.”  

(Surah Al-Ankabut: Verse 59)


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