Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin (RLA) 2017 @ Masjid Yusof Ishak

22 October 2017
02 Safar 1439


The 12th Annual Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin (RLA) Walk that invites various communities  to remind others about sharing the blessings with all via community development work, introduced new dynamics by incorporating Needy Food Rationing and Youth Activists Sharing this year that was held on 22 October 2017 at Masjid Yusof Ishak.


RLA Walk At Masjid Yusof Ishak

Before the walk, all of them gathered at the back of the mosque to start off with warm-up followed by Zumba dance. The Zumba dance was led by 3 small boys, who were participants invited on the stage by the instructor for the day.


The instructor did various movements that synced with different types of song tempos, which helped us to exercise our upper and lower limbs. We were all geared up for the walk. We started off our walk together as a jamaat after hearing a horn sound. All the participants walked together with their peers having a good talk on a beautiful Sunday morning, bonding well with all. After walking for 1 kilometer, we settled at a block to have a rest while the RLA Team together with Guest of Honour and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim,  went around the estate at Champions Way to give out bags of food rations to the needy residents, living there.


Once they were done, all of them walked back to Masjid Yusof Ishak and completed their walk as a jamaat.


To energise the tired participants post-walk, a delicious spread was laid  for breakfast reception that had invited participants from homes such as Ren Ci Nursing Home, Bukit Batok Home for the Aged, Pertapis Children’s Home, Ain Society, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Home and Sun Love Marsiling Neighbourhood Link.


RLA Needy Packing

Alhamdullilah, in collaboration with Rahmatan Lil Alameen(RLA), IMSSA was given the opportunity to prepare 150 ration bags to serve needy families. In these ration bags, essential household items like Sunflower Oil, biscuits of many varieties, drink sachets such as Milo, Nescafe and Quaker Oats were included.


To pack these rations items a group of girls gathered at Masjid Yusof Ishak on Saturday evening. Indeed, we hope that the needy families would be delighted to receive the ration bags that were specially prepared for them!


Youth Activists Sharing

The 9th Youth Activists Sharing was held in conjunction with RLA day. As youths are leaders of tomorrow, the talk was held to create awareness on the need for sustainability by sharing the impacts it has on the community at large. However, due to lack of resources and the necessity to meet the needs of those in need, the struggles that the youths face were highlighted during the session. Thus, providing an avenue to learn how to encounter the growing struggles of the youths who are working towards contributing to the community at large.


Alhamdullilah, all of them who came for the walk had a good meal after the walk. The event ended off with the Guest-of-Honour’s speech.


“I am thankful for effort that the Foundation has done to ensure sustainability of the Blessing-to All movement.”

Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim


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