Revive A Sunnah during the birthday month of Prophet Muhammad (saw) Series 1

Heading to Bishan Home to meet our Residents!

02/12/2017 (9.30am – 1200pm)

The organizer,Kai Ling gave a wonderful introduction to our boys and brief us through the agenda. Heading to the park with the residents was the highlight of the day.

Each boy was assigned a buddy.

The boys were very excited to see their buddy. They felt a sense of responsibility when they know that they need to care for the residents for 2 hours

We head to nearby Bishan park with the residents.

The residents were very excited and very cheerful with the snacks which was bought the boys.

After their snack, we played the pass the ball game with the music on.

When the music stopped, the buddy holding the ball have to introduce their partner with their full name and age.

We also spend the time by creating memories like forming B& H with the residents and taking photos with them(forming heart shape with the residents).

We also discussed the future proposal plans.

The boys took ownership to prepare the future proposal plans during March 2018 camp

We head to mosque for our lunch. The boys prayed zuhur prayers with jammath and together they ate the lunch which was contributed by our sponsor.

Alhamdulilla, indeed it was very fruitful trip.


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