Revive A Sunnah during the birthday month of Prophet Muhammad (saw) Series 2

Packing and Distributing Food Rations

26/11/2017 (1400hrs – 1700hrs)

Revive a Sunnah is dedicated to bringing back the  Sunnahs of the Prophet [SAWS], in their purest, most undiluted form.

With that effort, the boys involved in packing and distributing the food rations to needy families

The boys made their own handmade burger, sandwich and also beautifully packed colourful the goodie bags. Some even sponsored the toys for the children.

 Whoever guides anyone to goodness, his reward shall be the same as those who follow his guidance without lessening a bit of their reward.” – Rasool Allah [SAWS]

Surely,Help will come in all forms. We understood the effect of this statement.

The smiles in the kids faces warm our hearts when we extend the gift and toys pack to them.Their innocent smiles are always instill in our hearts

The boys contributed their time and love to less fortunate people.

Through this, with a common motive, they dedicate their time and effort to help others.


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