Sharing on the Shore of Ramadan

Caring for, calling upon, and doing good is a social obligation in Islam and there can be no better time to institute this noble and wonderful Sunnah in this blessed month of Shabaan.


In order to display these values,on the 7th  of May we had organized an event” Sharing on the Shore Of Ramadaan” , spear- headed by our IPP team ,to welcome the most auspicious month of Ramadan.


Our Beloved Prophet saw said:”Eat together and not separately ,and the blessing is associated

with the company”. This hadith shows that the benefits derived from eating together  are

multi-fold and contribute to increased blessing and baraqah being placed in their food.

Alhamdulillah, IPP team has organized a Mass Food Distribution to the students and parents

both in Yishun and Bishan Madrasah with the purpose of  reviving the Sunnah.

Besides, it was also to share our happiness and celebrate the successful 2nd year of IPP. To make this event more divine we also had our Khatamul Quran. Our sisters  recited the Al Quran and the supplication upon the completion of recital of the Holy Quran was also read.


To add on, there was an insightful talk on the topic “Quranic Verses On  Ramadaan” and

also an interesting DIY handicraft session .

All this was possible only through Allah SWT graces and blessings on our IPP team. We thank each and everyone for your esteem presence in this beneficial and meaningful event.

Jazakallahu Khairan!


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