Specially for Adults – Module Based for 5 weeks

An Initiative by YISHUN BOYS HUB

Event Date: 10, 17, 24th September & 1 & 8th October’17

Event In charge: Ustaz Nizamudeen & Ustazah Halima Fouziya


Alhamdulliah, Our first Solat workshop Initiative was attended over 35 Adults from all walks of life. The lesson objective was to bring across the aspects of solat in a simple yet effective method.

Indeed, Prayer prohibits immorality & wrong doing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater” (Quran 29:45)    


Workshop objectives and content

The course would cover the basics of 2nd pillar of Islam, Solat. Being a Farlu Ain, the importance of Solat and proper execution of the Prayer is essential.

Our objectives of the workshop are as follows

  • Bringing busy adults and parents to Masjid
  • Sharing of knowledge on Solat
  • Understanding the pre-conditions of Solat
  • Understanding the essentials (Rukun) of Solat
  • Reading the surah Al – Fathiha correctly
  • Other important reading of Solat.

During this 5 weeks course, we would be able to achieve our objectives with

proper guidance and practice. The continuity of the lessons is important as the

lessons are built upon each other.


Content and Delivery

  • Understanding the basics of Sharth (conditions) of prayers :
    1. Cleanliness
    2. Qiblat
    3. Aurah
    4. Waktu solah (timing)


  • Rukun of solah
    1. Important Steps in solah


  • Doas / reading in Solah
    1. Surah Al fatihah
    2. Thashahud


Lesson content was under the supervision of Hazarath, the principal of the Madrasah and all contents were thoroughly vetted. The trainers have attended a briefing and content knowledge lesson under Hazarath before conducting the Workshop. .

The content cover was basically the Sharth (pre-conditions of solat) and the Rukun ( The integrals of Solat) which were mere minimum to perform and fulfill solath.

The classes were conducted separately for women by Ustazah and men by Ustaz.

The participants need not have any pre requisite which make anyone to attend in a comfortable manner & its an eye opener for many.

Alhamdulliah! The participants found the workshop session very beneficial and engaging & fruitful one.

In sha Allah, we have line up for the next Solat Workshop in Feb 2018 to cover other areas of solat. Do look forward to it!







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