Trip to Changi Airport with Bishan Home Residents – ‘I͟n͟ Th͟e͟ 👣 F͟o͟o͟t͟s͟t͟e͟p͟s͟ Of͟ My͟ B͟e͟l͟❤v͟e͟d͟’ Series II

14 December 2017
10 Rabi’ul Awwal 1439


As part of our ‘In the Footsteps of my Beloved’ series II, our Blessings To All Team joint with Bishan Home for the intellectually disabled on 14 Dec 2017, Thursday, for a short trip to Changi Airport; with the home’s day care clients. The event was planned with the intention of allowing volunteers to discover on how our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) has impacted the community. Close to 50 participants, including 25 volunteers from IMSSA were part of this event.




The volunteers were first briefed about the residents of the home and the activities planned for them in the conference room at Bishan home before getting paired up with their buddies. They then boarded the bus and headed off to Changi airport. The clients were thrilled to go out to Changi Airport and were ecstatic to take a break from their routine activities.





Soon after reaching Changi Airport, the clients and volunteers went to look at the Hello Kitty display at Terminal 2 departure hall and snapped photos. They had a great time viewing the exhibits.




The group then went to MacDonalds for lunch before calling it a day. Indeed, it was an exciting outing for the Bishan Home Day Care clients and a meaningful experience for the volunteers who spent time with them. The volunteers realised how our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) touched the hearts of his society through his tender care and love – epitome of good character.



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