Unleashing and Nurturing Young Minds Potential

5th February 2017 The Year 2017 kick started with Our Madrasah As soabereen Unleashing and Nurturing Young Minds Potential

Orientation day has been held annually to uncover the answers to the questions students or parents have, and providing them information about madrasah resources, programs and services. Mostly it was a platform for them to be part of us too!

The orientation agenda showcased student’s performance on following

  • Qiraathul Quran 2017
  • Orientation-Highlighting madrasah house rules
  • Madrasah Curriculum 2017
  • Prize Presentation
  • Dare to Dominate your Hifdh Revision (1 Juz)

Alhamdulila this program indeed assisted to unleased our boy’s potentials and talents. Furthermore, we wanted to award specially to the excellent value added results achieved student who did well for his PSLE and madrasah academic.


Our Ustads who have been molded over the years shared their personal experience of what ignite them as a student to become an Ustad.

We aim to nurture every child to exceed his potential. We want our kids spark the fuel in them continuously. In sha Allah!


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