Ustazahs’ Professional Development Session(UPDS) -1

On 25 Feburary 2017, we kick start our first ever Ustazahs’ Professional Development Session(UPDS)! Our IMSSA ladies came together to learn more about various skills to improve themselves and their lessons. Allahumdullia! The first  UPDS had Three Speakers who shared about Lessons and Class & Level Management.

Firstly, we had Ms. Ayeesha who share with us on her level’s  iqrah materials for the year 2017. She enlightened and attracted the audience  with her colourful iqrah resources.  Being a teacher herself, she shared with the others, tips on how to teach students effectively. One of the key takeaways was to be a Ustazaha who scaffolds her kids. Which means to always support all lessons with extra guidance.


Moving on, we had Ms Aneesa who presented on her level management strategies and camp Planning tips.  She shared with us new and exciting strategies to bring the level together. She also shared on her level structure, in which each Ustazah plays a different role to make the level great. She also explained more on her role as a level advisor. Lastly,  she shared about some of the interesting activities happening in her level. Which were her level assembly and exciting bonding sessions with Ustazahs.

1st session of UPDS

Last but not least, Ms Ridzwana shared a different approach to understanding her kids. She explained her level’s method of using journal writing to bond with their kids. She showed some journal entries which truly touched the audience.  She shared how journal entries can be modified for different levels. For secondary level, it can be more of them writing on a topic.  Whereas for the younger ones, it can be a reflection on the day’s happenings.


To sum it all up, all the various presentations focused on different aspects of teaching and enriched the audience. The engaging presentations were certainly beyond useful to hone our skills even further and bring out the best in our kids. Insya’Allah, Ameen. Till we meet again in the next Ustazahas’ Professional Development Session (UPDS)!


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