Ustazahs Professional Development Session 2017 Session 3

May 6 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

What do you think this month’s presentation was all about? Let’s take a look at them.

First up, we had Ms Noor Jahan sharing with us about the how experiential learning triggers boy’s performance in class. Sitting in class and listening to ustazahs does not ’t motivate students to participate in class. Instead, try an activity which is hands on. And they will be focussed in no time at all! This was one of the key takeaways shared by Ms Noor Jahan after her many years of interaction with the boys level. She shared with us their various learning journeys, exhibitions and hands on teaching lessons. Her boys are groomed to be confident and resourceful from a young age. They do various presentations to not only get rid if their fear of public speaking but also to teach and understand the job of also teacher. One of incident that Ms Noor Jahan shared was about their experiences in camp 2017.  The boy’s classes went to a Masjid in Macpherson to prepare for Jummah prayers, e.g like laying out the prayer mats. She explained how this simple task  motivated the students and the teachers and turned inti a bonding session. Ms Noor Jahan also shared about their trips to different places such as Masjid, Bishan Home and Futsal where they get to experience  and use the values taught to them by their teachers.

Next up, we had Ms Irfana sharing with us about Holistic Assessment.  She define holistic assessment and got the audience to brainstorm on the importance of it. It  certainly squeezed the audience’s  Brian juices. She explained the 2 different types of assessment and their need in today’s context. On top of that, she also elaborated on how Escherichia can cater to different students according to their strengths.  Her presentation ended off either a bang with her quote: “ if you judge a fish by its ability time climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid. “ Certainly a quote which summed up her presentation and made a lasting impact.

Our third session

In the end, we had Mdm Shamim tested everyone’s memory power by giving them a small memory quiz to remember as many words as possible. Most of us were unable to remember them in an orderly manner so she shared with us on how to improve our memory power by relating a story to the words we had to remember. This shocked everyone as most of us managed to identify the words in the correct order.

In conclusion, the presentations this week enlightened everyone about their memory power and different ways of experiential learning we can apply for our students. In Sha Allah, we will meet again in the next presentation.


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