Visit to Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

21 December 2016

Next up following the ‘In the footsteps of my beloved series’, under the theme of compassion, the girls embarked on a journey to the Bishan home for the Intellectually disabled on the 21st  December 2016.

This trip to the Bishan Home was organised by a group of girls and the objective of the visit was to provide compassionate care and help to the residents in order for them to lead meaningful and better quality lives.

A total of 17 girls proactively volunteered to help the intellectually disabled residents who may tend to learn skills at slower pace. Thus the girls thoughtfully thought of activities which would help to aid the residents to gain confidence in themselves and take ownership of their work. This also aided in teaching them to be independent individuals.

We were first welcomed by the highly spirited and passionate residents with lots of love; by their big waves, handshakes and wide smiles. Their excitement was very heart-warming and it was set as a motivation and drive for the girls  to work closely together and learn more about them. We first paired each and every one of us together with a resident and played an introductory game of pass the hula hoop. Then we had a hands on activity with the residents where we made  sandwiches and fruit skewers and did some colouring exercises together in their pairs. Both the residents and the girls had lots of fun teaching and learning.

The Bishan Home was a great platform for the girls to befriend the residents, teach new life skills and have endless fun together. The girls were able to forge strong bonds and shared  memories together with the residents. Alhamdulilah, at the end of the day, the girls felt a sense of  fulfilment after managing to paint wide smiles on their faces and also felt a strong impact of doing social work after seeing the difference they had managed to do in their lives. Indeed it was a meaningful experience and they were able to reap the benefits of one’s work. More importantly, were able to emulate Rasulullah’s quality of care and compassion for the community.

In Sha Allah, we will be having a session 2 this coming Wednesday and we hope to see the enthusiastic residents again!


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