“YBH National Day Celebration 2017”

Assalamu alaikum wr wb!


The National Day celebrations was held on 6th August 2017 @ Darul Makmur Mosque  .


Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) once said “Love of one’s country is a part of faith” (Mizan al-Hikmah, Hadith #21928).


A day to commemorate our nation’s independence as a little red dot and a day to show our love and patriotism for our homeland, here at YBH, IMSSA, we had a Sunday, Fun-day with games!


What other way to celebrate this day then to have fun at our very own, YBH national day Carnival? Specially catered for our students by our own Ustazs & Ustazahs. It happened before asar, with each class taking turns to bring their students to the carnival area. There was a variety of booths, ranging from a drinks booth to traditional games and other surprising games. All these booths were designed to symbolize and nurture the love for our country.


Participants had to go around 6 booths and perform the tasks given in those booths to get a signature per booth. Once they accomplished the 6 booths, they are allowed to go to the last booth to play a game to stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

There were seven booth to set up:

  1. “Traditional snacks and drinks” 😋

Specially made, exclusive NDP drinks were given out along with the all time favorite, old school Gem Biscuits! Yummy Yum!! 😋😋


2.        “Kampong Memories”

The kids really loved it when they tried out 5 stones, Chapteh and Hopscotch! Even the Ustazahs couldn’t resist the old school games! Kampong memories indeed.


3.        “You can’t break our harmony

Singapore is known for its unbreakable harmony. But was it the case many years back? Answer some history questions and play a game of unbreakable harmony.


4.        “A Nation surrounded by water”

What do you know about the history behind the founder of this little nation, surrounded by water? Answer questions with a game of water ping pong!


5.        “I’m a creative citizen” (coloring/drawing/quotes writing etc)


Primary school kids had coloring competition, while secondary school students were given a topic to draw and color based upon. Tertiary students had to write a short poem related to what they see Singapore in 5 years time.


6.       “Polaroid Booth”


7.        “Pop your prize”


After they complete the other 6 booths, the participants come over to the “Pop Your Prize” booth. Popping certain balloons, with the given darts would give a chance to win attractive prizes.


What else happened on that day, besides the amazing NDP carnival games?

There was a mass national day parade at the entrance of the masjid, after Asar prayers.

The parade was kick started with a march in by our own secondary 1 and 2 boys from uniform groups. It was a moment to shine, marching with pride as they brought the national flag into the scene!

This was followed my national anthem singing and pledge taking.

There was a cake cutting event right after the parade.



Finally, the day was enclosed with a prize presentation for the carnival games and mass YBH photo taking.

The most creative citizens with the outstanding drawings, colouring or poem were recognized and awarded prizes.  Not to forget those lucky winners from the “pop your prize” booth.


Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, this event went successful. May Allah swt bless and reward all those who helped out in this event, with their time and effort. May he make us, patriotic citizens who nurture racial harmony and whom are submissive to him. Ameen


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