The YBH Annual Day was held on the 29th October 2017 at Masjid Darul Makmur.

A day to commemorate the successes of our young imams, YBH organized its ‘Annual Day 2017’. This was the most looked-forward event for the entire year. It was the day, where the students and ameers made their parents proud, talents of our kids are appreciated and prizes are given out for the kid’s performance throughout the year.

The theme for this year’s Annual Day was “Kampong Raya”


Many prizes were given out, ranging from Seerah storytelling, Tahfiz competition, 1/2/3 Juz accomplishment and Good progress awards. Trophies and Plaques were given out across levels.

This is a quick snap of some of the awards given out:


  • Tahfiz Competition

  • Prize presentation for p5/p6

  • Prize Presentation for our p5/p6 Seerah Ameers

  • Prize Presentation for Juz Accomplishment
  • Good Progression and Best in Seerah Award

  • Top Students in Seerah Award and Seerah speech telling Award P5/P6/S1/S2
  • Award for our Quran Ameers for their hardwork shown in the Quran Department


  • Award for the P5/P6 Seerah Ameers for their involvement in Seerah Department


  • Award for some of our Ameers for Seerah Assignment Involvement

The best part about receiving the trophies/plaques was when they got it from the hands of their own parents or Ustazs/Ustazahs. It was a proud moment for the spectating parents when their kids went up on stage.


Following the prize presentations, was a skit put up by our very own Secondary 1/2 boys. Through the skit, the audience learnt about how to spend their time well, in a productive manner.

Ibrahim Ustad gave a short, powerful speech to the parents. He shared a hadith about Umar r.a and his son, Abdullah ibn Umar r.a. When the prophet s.a.w asked the sahabas if they knew which tree it was that has leaves that does not wither and is comparable to a muslim, the sahabas didn’t know. The prophet s.a.w then replied it was the date tree. Abdullah r.a then told his dad, Umar r.a that he knew the answer but was shy to say it out, in front of the rest. Umar r.a then replied that I would have been much more pleased if you had said it. (Sahih Muslim, summarized) From this incident, Ibrahim Ustad pointed out to say that EVERY PARENT would feel proud when their children surpasses them in knowledge and has achieved success.


There was a break for Asar Prayers and then, the event continued with a Nasheed performance by our Sec1/2 boys.

There was some other prize presentations and then Nizam Ustad shared about the new initiative at Marsiling-  monthly food hamper distributions, for the needy families- “Kindness Project @ Marsiling”  

The event ended with Hazrath’s speech

Hazrath gave an Motivating speech to the parents and shared some ideas of how to bond with the children and bring them up in an Islamic Way.


Alhamthulillah, with the help of Allah SWT, this event went really well. May Allah accept it from all of us who contributed physically and financially and may he make our kids and our students the coolness of our eyes. Ameen.


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