Yishun Family: Eid Gathering

Fun At Photo Booth!

Alhamdulilaah! We had our Eid Gathering on the 17th of July! It was a very joyous gathering where all of us came to madrasah clad in our beautiful new outfits for the festive occasion! It was a day where we were all reminded of the second family we all had: Our Madrasah Family!


To begin the day, we took photographs in the photo booth that we had put up. We used some props to accessorize our photographs and click! We all had a polaroid film in our hands after that click! We also took class photographs to hold on to the memories that we have created.


Food Taste yummy when we eat together!

A festive occasion also means good food to eat with and laugh with together! We had brought kuehs to share with our friends. We also had ‘sahan’ food where we applied our sahan etiquettes and put into practise good eating manners. By the way, the food was delicious! We enjoyed serving others too.


Oh, just when we thought the day was just about that, we had henna sessions! Our fellow, beautiful sisters beautified our hands with wonderful henna designs!

Henna Time!

With all these happenings and we just hoped that the day would run slowly! All that bliss! We are blessed! We are happy that Allah S.W.T has kept us strong and united! 🙂


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