September Holiday Session at IMSSA Central

Alhamdulilah its the holiday time that we gather at our masjid. With the ease of pandemic measures, our central division had many excussive activities conducted for different levels.

Alhamdulillah, our Bishan Preschoolers,

utilized the Teacher’s Day School Holiday and had a level outing to East Coast Park on 2nd September 2022, Friday.

  A total of 20 children, 10 parent volunteers and ustazahs attended the outing session. Children and parents gathered at Masjid An Nahdhah at 10 am before setting out for a fun-filled day. Though the weather seemed unsettled at the start, children learnt an important virtue of always seeking the help and mightiness of Allah (S.W.T). They learnt the dua for rain and recited it as a Jemaah

اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا ,

‘O Allah, make it a beneficial rain.’

(Sunan An-Nasa’i)

Subhanallah! What a beautiful miracle of Allah it was! Alhamdulilah, soon after, the sun peeked through and the rain slowly disappeared. Surely, the strength and mightiness of Allah (S.W.T) helped to brighten up the children’s spirits.

Upon reaching East Coast Park, children had some light snacks before kick starting the day with activities.

The children started off with ice-breakers. As it was our first ever outing this year after restrictions, children were able to mix and get to know each other from various levels. Shortly after some bonding, the children headed to the playground in groups. During this play time, children reinforced the new friendship they built and enhanced their social skills. Tabarakallah!

Just like the saying, how time flies when one is having fun, it was time for Zohor Prayers! Children gathered to take wudhu and pray together and a Jemaah. We had our very own little Mua’zzin to call for Iqamah and a parent volunteer to lead the Zohor Prayers. Ma Shaa Allah, it was truly inspiring to see the steadfastness of the children and parents. After our prayers, we could hear tummies grumbling and it was time for lunch! Delicious meals were prepared specially for the children and adults by our Parents.

Alhamdulilah, All praises and thanks to Allah (S.W.T) who had fed us and quenched our thirst.

After our fulfilling meals, our children jumped into the sand to have some fun! They had a whale of a time while creating sandcastles, buildings, of different shapes and forms. It provided them with endless opportunities for fun and learning. This sand play helped children develop their social skills like problem solving, sharing, and communicating. As sand play offers a limited amount of space and toys for children to share while accomplishing goals they set for themselves like building a castle together.

After having some fun under the sun, it was time for us to go back home. Alhamdulilah, the children really had a meaningful time spent together learning and fostering important bonds and values.

May Allah (SWT) continue to bestow his blessings over the little ones and allow them to have more such outings, In Shaa Allah.

Our Lower Primary children did an activity where they created their own Prayer mat!

After their delicious lunch that was kindly made by one of the Ustazah, they played classic games such as Duck duck goose, flipping cups off the tables and learning about Prophet through stories. As for their Break time snacks, they made Smores! The day ended after they prayed Asr prayer together in Allah’s house.

The fun continues on the 2nd day of the September Holiday class. The kids learned how to make magnets and had an openhearted Obstacle course at level 4 and played soccer, stacking up cups game and built the tallest building using legos. The kids then indulge themselves with brownies, curry puffs and ice cream after having a long day of fun activity planned specially by their Ustazahs.

The Middle Primary & Upper Primary Boys level kids had an enjoyable 2-day September holiday sessions

Which they had their study sessions, outdoor activity time where we brought them out to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park to play some fun games and walk around the nature.

Not forgetting the kids got to try out Arabic Calligraphy for words such as Masha Allah & SubhanAllah

The kids also did their own DIY-teabreak making, where they learnt how to make their own pavlova (layered yogurt with toppings)! The kids really did have a meaningful and fun time with their friends and ustazahs over these two days!!

Not forgetting the Upper Primary Boys whom had personalised letter sharing session about their own classmates.

The boys were also engaged in various outdoor activity at Bishan Active Park – Relay Race, Soccer and Mini Scavenger Hunt.

As for Upper Primary Girls to Tertiary girls

They had various activities during the September holiday session at Masjid An Nahdhah. Activities such as bonding games, DIY tea break, calligraphy and Salawat practice for Rabbiul Awwal were conducted. A special PSLE coaching session was also conducted for the P6 children taking their PSLE this year.

Masha Allah each level had an eventful September Holidays, Not only did the students but as well as Ustazahs. Grateful to be called back again to our home, Masjid An-Nahdhah for this gathering.