Health Talk: Towards Healthier Babies

Babies are such an astounding gift and being a parent, no matter what of whether it’s for the first or second time, is one of the most gratifying and humbling experiences of one’s life.

Dr.Abdul Haiyum Abdul Alim giving his advice about pregancy


In order to get ready the parents for their job of parenting, IPP- IMSSA Parents Program was back with its health talk on the topic  “Towards Healthier Babies” on Sunday, March 19 from 10 am to 12:30 pm at Masjid An-Nahdah Bishan.

Dr.Abdul Haiyum Abdul Alim MBBS, MD(Paed), DCH(UK), FRCPCH(UK), FAMS commenced his talk by explaining the significance of preconception care. He then expounded on having a healthy pregnancy by taking proper diet and supplements.

Dr.Alim not only described the risks and the reasons for preterm birth and low birth weight, but also the major and minor birth defects that affect the growth of the baby. He then continued to speak about the difficulties that a mother face around the childbirth .He elaborated the physical conditions that are especially common during the first couple of weeks after birth.

Dr.Alim proceeded to talk about identifying the signs of the baby to seek medical attention. He shared tips on caring for infants and kids.He then wrapped up his speech with an enlightening question and answer session, whereby the parents actively engaged and clarified their doubts with the doctor.

The talk was tremendously beneficial and well-received by the participants.

All Praise Be To The Almighty, IPP team was overwhelmed by the support and the love of the audience.

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