Achiever’s Day 2022

The year of 2022 ended on a special note with the first ever in-person Achiever’s Day held at Masjid Assyafaah on the 20th of November. The event was an unprecedented milestone, with our different levels coming together to celebrate the student’s achievements as one Madrasah.

Parents flocked to the masjid to pray, to celebrate and to be reminded of the need to continue in the search for knowledge and to motivate their children to stay on the path to goodness. The event kickstarted with the Boy’s Level’s segment, starting off with an opening Qirath.

Following the boys, our Adults Parents classes consisting of the ladies from IMSSA Parent’s Programme and Muslimah Class took over to present an overview of their year and presented awards to the sisters for their achievements in memorisation and to commend their dedication to lifelong learning.

After a short break for prayers, the Upper Primary to Tertiary girls continued the programme where the girls came up on stage to be acknowledged for their achievements in memorisation and character. They ended their segment by awarding the prizes for their Rabbiul Awwal Challenge, which took place earlier during Rabbiul Awwal!

The highlight was truly the entrance of the preschoolers and the lower primary students who lit up the atmosphere as they walked in accompanied by their parents, who played an irreplaceable role in ensuring the progress and success of their children. 

Alhamdulillah, the day was concluded with a speech by our Principal, Ustad Ali, who graciously reminded everyone of our humble beginnings and of the importance of coming to the masjid as a family, and of planting the seeds for a righteous society. Truly, the event was successful in bringing people to the masjid to gather and celebrate the imprinting of the Quran in the hearts of our next generation.