An Outing with our Senior Residents @ Gardens By The Bay

28 December 2019
1 Jamadil Awwal 1441H

In light of the Year End Festive Celebration, IMSSA’s North division organized a special outing for 60 senior residents from yishun at the Gardens By The Bay.

The fun-filled event started off as the volunteers of the North Division gathered at Masjid Darul Makmur and boarded the bus, heading towards Gardens by the Bay. At the same time, the senior residents of block 701B boarded a bus of their own and set off for the same destination. Volunteers and residents finally met each other at approximately 4pm in the afternoon. The anticipation for the day was very apparent and the seniors did not hesitate to show their excitement.

Together, we walked to the Golden Garden of Gardens by the Bay, the volunteers already starting to warm up and mingle with the seniors who were more than willing to open up and speak to us.  At the Golden Garden, we formally welcomed the residents, swiftly got into groups of five and set off on the Treasure Hunt to look for specific, predetermined locations at which the various groups were to take pictures. During this period, the residents were able to communicate more effectively as small groups made it easier to speak to each other. With the residents’ determination and enthusiasm, the various locations were found, and the Treasure Hunt was successfully completed.

Following the tiring yet amusing Savenger Hunt,it was time for dinner! As we moved to gather at Silver Garden to have dinner, we were joined by our Guest of Honour, Associate Professor Dr. Faishal Ibrahim. He greeted the residents and the volunteers and we then had a very filling meal,nasi briyani made with love by our very own IMSSA volunteers, by the scenic view of Marina Bay Sands.

After the scrumptious dinner, the residents had a great time playing passing the ball where music is played while the ball is being passed.The one who is holding the ball when the music stopped was asked simple questions about Singapore. The residents were very well informed of Singapore and hence were able to answer and win the prizes that we had prepared.

Our volunteers ensured the senior residents were all taken good care  with big smiles, love and warmth. At the end of the day, each of them were gifted with handmade muffins and packed food. The residents were filled with happiness and were illuminating with joy as they bid adieu to the IMSSA volunteers From their faces, it was evident that we had managed to make their day a little better! Alhamdulillah! However, the night was not completely over. Both the volunteers and the residents, in our respective buses, headed to Orchard Road for a quick drive through to see the lights, which the residents seemed to be looking forward to. And finally, the day came to an end and we departed and headed off home with tired, yet content, smiles.

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