Arabic Exhibition 2019

26 October 2019
27 Safar 1441H

Arabic Exhibition I 2019 was held at Masjid Darul Aman (Eunos Mosque) from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday, 26th October 2019. The objective of the event was to build an understanding among visitors about the beautiful Arabic Language used in the Qur’an and to motivate them to start learning the language. The exhibition was open to all 400 pupils studying in Eunos Madrasah and to the public who were at the mosque during that afternoon.

One of the highlights of the event was a huge handmade sculpture of a heart locked up in chains. It was used to explain the Quran Ayaah,:
“Will they not ponder about the Quran or are there locks upon their hearts?” [ Surah Muhammad: 47:24] .

The sculpture symbolised the sorry state of a Muslim’s heart which does not reflect about verses of the Quran. Students had fun collecting the keys from all the booths to open the locks on the sculpture to “open” the heart to learning the words of Allah (S.W.T.).

Another booth featured a large sized womb to provide a sensory experience to explain the words ” الرحمان” ، “الرحيم” and “رحم” used in the Qur’an.

There were also several more fascinating booths featuring the amazing linguistics of Arabic Grammar and the intricate calligraphy designs of Quran ayaahs.

Finally , to embark on their journey of learning Arabic, visitors learnt how to write Bismillah hirahman niraheem which means “In the name of Allah (S.W.T.), the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious,”.

May Allah (S.W.T.) reward everyone who had contributed to the event by deepening their understanding of Quran Al-Kareem and by moulding them into great leaders of the community. Aameen…

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